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Jinergy's Latest HJT Module Received KS Certification

Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy) announced that, Jinergy's latest HJT module received KS certification. The acquisition of KS certification indicates that product quality has been recognized and Jinergy's latest HJT modules officially launched into Korean market. Currently, Jinergy is providing HJT and previously certified monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules in Korean market, offering an extensive product portfolio for Korean customers.

KS Certification is a national certification system that strictly audits the enterprises which can consistently and stably produce the products whose levels are superior to Korean Industrial Standards (KS), so that they can be labeled with KS mark.

With distinctive advantages such as fewer and simpler processes, no LID/PID, low temperature coefficient, HJT is most promising technology to effectively bring down LCOE of PV power generation. The latest HJT module Jinergy offers deploys M6 wafer, MBB as well as half-cut technology. According to Jinergy, the average HJT cell efficiency has reached 24%. Due to bifacial design, power generation of Jinergy's HJT modules can be increased by 10% to 35% in different applications, such as grassland, concrete floor, snowfield and reflective cloth. The modules are compatible with mainstream containers and trackers, making it easy to transfer and install. Moreover, electrical parameters of the modules are compatible with mainstream central and string inverters, avoiding additional costs at the system end.

In Q3 2020, a 5MW ground-mount solar power station in Chungnam, South Korea, using Jinergy bifacial monocrystalline modules, successfully connected to grid. Currently Jinergy is constantly supplying high quality solar modules to Korea, including both HJT and bifacial monocrystalline modules.

"We feel honored to be recognized by Korean customers," said Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, "we will continue to enhance R&D capability and provide reliable and high-quality products in Korean market."