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About Jinneng Holding


Jinneng Holding Group is a state-owned energy giant formed in 2020, by consolidating former Datong Coal Mine Group, former Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Mining Group, former Jinneng Group, coal, electricity, and coal machinery equipment manufacturing related assets of Lu'an Group and Huayang New Materials Technology Group, and restructured China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., Ltd. Jinneng Holding Group has a registered capital of 6.93 billion USD and total assets of 151.8 billion USD, including coal production capacity of about 468 million tons, installed power capacity of 23.28 GW.

Focusing on improving coal industry, strengthening power industry and expanding intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, Jinneng Holding Group has established six subsidiaries, namely, Jinneng Holding Coal Industry Group, Jinneng Holding Power Group, Jinneng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group, China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center, Jinneng Holding Shanxi Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd, and Jinneng Holding Finance Company.

With the spirit of "Innovative, Green, Excellent and Efficient", Jinneng Holding Group will make every effort to build a first-class intelligent and environmental-friendly modern energy group that features high technology and high efficiency.