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Jinergy Attends Photovoltaic Technology Forum to Share HJT Mass Production Targets and Latest Progress

On May 11, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinergy") was invited to attend the 3rd Heterojunction, Perovskite and Laminated cell Forum, and joined hands with representatives of well-known photovoltaic enterprises, industry experts and research institutions at home and abroad to conduct in-depth exchanges on HJT, perovskite and laminated cell technology, cost, mass production and other issues.

The forum, organized by AsiaChem Consulting, aims to explore the market performance and industry pain points of HJT, perovskites and laminated cell, and to help the industry develop with high quality.At the meeting, Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy, delivered a keynote speech on "Mass Production of High Efficiency HJT cell over 24.7%”. 

In his speech, Dr. Liyou Yang mentioned that three conditions need to be reached to realize HJT mass production: cell conversion efficiency reaches 24.5%; The cost is less than the 105% of PERC; The equipment investment is less than 0.3 billion RMB/GW.At present, the average mass production efficiency of HJT cell in Jinergy has reached 24.4%.Through technological innovation and manufacturing control, cell efficiency will also increase rapidly.At the same time, HJT module deploys non-destructive cutting technology, and the stability of production quality is further improved.It is worth mentioning that Jinergy took the lead in laying out low-cost silver-clad copper technology to promote leapfrog reduction of the overall cost of heterogeneous junctions.At the end of 2019, the technology has passed the standard reliability test, and is currently undergoing continuous tightening testing and preparatory work before trial production.

With the joint efforts of the whole industry chain, HJT is making steady progress towards large-scale mass production.As a leading HJT technology innovation enterprise, Jinergy is confident that HJT technology has recently become the next generation of mainstream technology.Talking about the future layout, Dr. Liyou Yang said: "the company is unswervingly exploring HJT mass production technology, and has a set of independent research and development of technological achievements.In addition, the company actively layout high-efficiency PV technology research, is exploring HBC and perovskite laminated cell, for the next generation cell technology innovation to make adequate preparations.Jinergy will implement the core strategy of technology iteration and fully promote the high-quality development of PV industry."