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Jinergy launches anti-dust solar module

Chinese solar manufacturer Jinergy has announced the launch of an innovative anti-dust module, featuring a unique frame design that ensures optimal load performance. The long frame structure remains unchanged, while the short frame has no A side. This design allows the short frame to sit flush against the glass surface, maximizing the effectiveness of rain in washing away dust. It also improves drainage and blowdown capacity, enhancing the self-cleaning capability of the module. Through the optimization of module structure, power generation loss caused by water and dust accumulation can be significantly reduced, effectively solving the issue of dust buildup.

“Anti-dust modules are specifically designed to minimize the build-up of dust, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended periods of time. This prevents a decrease in performance and power generation efficiency that can occur when dust accumulates. Additionally, these modules accumulate less dust and have a lower failure rate, reducing maintenance and replacement needs. It not only saves maintenance costs, but also prevents production interruptions caused by frequent maintenance or replacement, ensuring a continuous and stable production process.  Furthermore, the use of anti-dust modules can decrease the frequency of manual cleaning, resulting in cost savings for owners and improved operational efficiency,” explained Jinergy Director of Overseas Sales, Ben Yu.

The module is based on n-type TOPCon technology, using high-quality materials and advanced production processes.

During the product development stage, Jinergy has taken into consideration the efficient anti-dusting design, the use of advanced technology, an emphasis on empirical results and the whole life cycle value. These characteristics enable the module to better meet the needs of customers, enhancing power generation efficiency and the economic benefits of a PV system.