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Strong core, cluster development | Jinergy was featured on the List of the Leading Enterprises in the Key Industrial Chain of Shanxi Province

Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the second “List of the Leading Enterprises in the Key Industrial Chain of Shanxi Province”. Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”) was listed as a “Leading Enterprise” in the photovoltaic industry chain. In the future, it will play an important role in the photovoltaic industry chain in Shanxi with its industry influence, research and development strength, and industrial driving force, providing solid support for accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system in Shanxi.

The selection of “Leading Enterprises in the Industrial Chain” aims to implement the work deployment of the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial Government in promoting the high-quality development of key industrial chains in the province, fully stimulate the leading role of "Leading Enterprises", form a systematic cultivation system for "Leading Enterprises", and enhance the competitiveness of key industrial chains in Shanxi Province. The selection places high requirements on scale strength, market influence, independent innovation, industrial driving force, and the practice of social responsibility. Jinergy, as a local company that has made significant contributions to the development of the photovoltaic industry chain, has been selected after a series of selections.

Currently, Shanxi Province is in a critical period of energy transition, and the development of industrial clusters is crucial. To build a competitive photovoltaic industry cluster in Shanxi, it is essential to leverage the advantages of various enterprises in the industrial chain and carry out forward-looking technological cooperation and research. Jinergy has been operating in Shanxi for nearly a decade. It has built global production capabilities for cells and modules with technological and advanced capacity advantages, and established a research and operational management team consisting of domestic and foreign photovoltaic industry experts and outstanding talents. The Company constantly iterates its technology, promotes the industrialization of advanced technologies, empowers efficient production through digitization and intelligence, creates a beneficial research environment, promotes the popularization of photovoltaic products, and drives the transformation of the energy structure, making significant contributions to the energy transition in Shanxi. Looking forward, Jinergy will continue to leverage its own strengths, including strong operational capacity, industry influence, and independent innovation capabilities, to undertake the responsibility of cultivating and strengthening the photovoltaic industry cluster in Shanxi, injecting strong momentum into the comprehensive promotion of high-quality development in Shanxi Province.