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High quality created reputation | Jinergy Quality Month focused on quality improvement and adhered to the original aspiration

In early 2023, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council issued the Outline for Building a Powerful Country with Quality, which identified the construction of a powerful country with quality as an important guarantee for promoting the establishment of a new development pattern. It emphasized that "China is committed to improving quality, raising quality standards, strengthening comprehensive quality management, promoting quality transformation, efficiency transformation and motivation transformation, and promoting high-quality development."

Comprehensively strengthening quality management is a major decision for building a powerful modern country. Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”), with its commitment to righteousness and practice, actively implements the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adheres to the original intention of providing the market with better quality products and services, establishes a comprehensive quality service management system, and further implements and improves efficiency during the "China Quality Month" in September 2023. It aims to create a benchmark enterprise with "guaranteed quality, product assurance and service maintenance" in China, safeguarding the maximization of terminal rights and promoting the high-quality development of the new energy industry.


Quality assurance with certification as the forefront

Product quality is the foundation of a company's brand and a concentrated display of industrial capabilities. High-quality products are crucial to the vitality and influence of a company. In order to ensure stable product quality, Jinergy relentlessly pursues the goal of "zero defect" and collaborates with third-party laboratories such as TÜV SÜD and TÜV NORD, as well as the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) for certification testing, ensuring gold-standard quality under authoritative supervision.

So far, Jinergy has obtained various certificates for the European Union TÜV, as well as strict environmental testing certificates. It has successfully passed certifications from institutions such as MCS in the UK, CGC, PCCC, KS in South Korea, BIS in India, and DEWA in Dubai. Jinergy adheres to the concept of carbon neutrality and is committed to creating greener and lower-carbon value photovoltaic products. In 2022, it successfully obtained the French carbon footprint certification. Different certifications represent different credibility and differentiated qualifications, earning recognition and trust from global customers, while ensuring the output of high-quality products via strict control.


Optimization of quality management system

Under the influence of a scientific management system, the Company's products are of reliable quality and safety. Through the four major guarantee chains including supplier management, process control, shipment monitoring and after-sales service, the overall quality control is further improved, and the traceability of products throughout their lifecycle is achieved.

In terms of supplier quality management, the Company has optimized and formulated new quality requirements covering all suppliers in 2023. It has also assigned specialists to track and monitor suppliers, assisting them in improving supply quality. In terms of process quality control, the Research and Development Department and Quality Inspection Department of the Company have strengthened the implementation of Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) and quality control plans, ensuring that quality risks at all process stations are identified, measurement and control measures are implemented, and the yield and quality level of finished components are achieved. The Company actively promotes the construction of intelligent factories, where all production equipment is managed in an intelligent manner. Real-time monitoring of all equipment operation status, digital management of all process parameters, and coordination with on-site quality inspection personnel greatly improve the accuracy of production decision-making and fully guarantee product quality.

The optimization of the after-sales process is mainly reflected in personnel training. Adhering to the customer-centric concept and focusing on safeguarding customer rights, the Company has formed a professional after-sales service team and provided detailed consultation services and technical support. The Company also pays special attention to key business aspects of quality, significantly reducing quality safety risks from the production source, which indirectly improves the level of product service, reducing maintenance demands and related costs caused by quality issues for customers.

In July this year, Jinergy received a letter of acknowledgement from Shanxi Jinnan Ruineng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinnan Ruineng"), praising the Company for providing comprehensive and efficient service support in the "Huaneng Quwo County 300 MW Photovoltaic Project," enabling the project to be completed within a tight schedule. The spirit of overcoming difficulties and practical work demonstrated during the process of providing assistance to partners is the best proof of Jinergy's continuous optimization of quality and improvement of services.


Quality upgrade with customer needs in mind

Jinergy focuses on practicing sustainable development concepts, ensuring resource-saving services during the service process, avoiding additional pollution or even achieving non-pollution, and striving for the goal of "zero carbon emission". It also aims to reduce accidents and closely monitor employee health and equipment safety in the production process, striving for the goal of "zero accident". Under the guidance of these two major goals, the Company has successfully passed the SA8000 social responsibility management system certification review, covering businesses such as "social responsibility management activities involved in the design and manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells and components". The product quality and service level are advancing simultaneously.

Currently, the customer satisfaction rate of Jinergy stands at 96%, with no major customer complaints. The process quality indicator has reached a qualification rate of 99.89%, and the supplier's incoming batch qualification rate is 98.84%. Through a range of actions, Jinergy has established a strong quality awareness and quality management capability. It also adheres to the comprehensive development concept of "industry, academia, research and application" to meet the needs of quality safety. The Company focuses on developing high-quality products that are suitable for the current market environment while implementing high-quality production to steadily achieve a "100%" perfect quality for its products and solutions.


Looking back at the overall journey of Quality Month, Jinergy has implemented four main requirements: enhancing quality awareness, increasing quality assurance, improving service levels, and promoting high-quality development. Guided by these requirements, the Company has taken actions to enhance quality services in various levels and fields. These actions have been implemented in daily production and operations so as to improve the product and service experience for end customers, and establish a good reputation through reliable quality.