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Efficiency of Small-area Calcium-silicon Tandem Cell Reaches 28.5%! Jinergy Attended 2023 SOCIC Calcium-silicon Tandem Cell as the Focus of R&D ∣ Upgrade of Jinergy’s Technology Iteration

The new-type solar cell technology iteration tide is popular in August. The TrendBank SOC Industry Conference (SOCIC) 2023, sponsored by TrendBank, was successfully held in Ningbo on August 3. Jinergy was invited to attend the event as a technology-oriented enterprise focusing on HJT and tandem cell technology. Mr. Huang Jin, Jinergy’s R&D Manager, made a keynote speech themed by Jinergy Research Progress of HJT and tandem Technology, and shared how to make breakthroughs through N-type layout and cross-development of perovskite and tandem cells under the trend of diversification of solar cell technology.

During this conference themed by “Strategic Rhythm of Photovoltaic Technology Transition”, the participates discussed a variety of solar cell technologies including but not limited to monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, thin film solar cells, organic solar cells, perovskite solar cells, etc. According to report, this conference brought together nearly 300 experts from industry and academia to exchange R&D progress and application experience. Mr. Huang Jin also shared the latest progress of Jinergy’s R&D in HJT/perovskite tandem cell and perovskite during the event.

Jinergy has abundant reserves of HJT technologies, and with the superposition of various advanced technologies, its conversion efficiency of HJT cells has exceeded 25%; specifically, defects caused by metal impurities are reduced by incorporating a impurity absorption technology at the silicon wafer end; the CVD process adopts microcrystal technology to combine with suede texturing interface optimization technology; the TCO process increases light transmission and reduces contact resistance through water vapor control, process parameter optimization, and the use of high mobility targets in the production of transparent conductive films; and the silk-screen printing process reduces resistance losses through multi-master grid technology and metal material optimization and combination with special metallized graphic design. Continuous work will be carried out in phases on technologies such as bifacial microcrystal and optimization, 0BB, structure optimization and metallization optimization, aiming to achieve the efficiency target of 26%.

Jinergy has been focusing on the R&D of perovskite/HJT tandem cell after the N-type cell, and has utilized vacuum evaporation method to develop the 400cm² perovskite film. Meanwhile, it has made new progress in the controlled production of the core technology NiOx hole transport layer, the research on the photoelectric performance of IZO transparent electrode thin film, and the production of high-performance perovskite solar cell modules by cured in place pipe (CIPP) method. At present, Jinergy has achieved the efficiency of 25.05% in small-area perovskite cells, 28.5% in small-area Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells, and nearly 19% in perovskite modules. By now, Jinergy has built the Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell demonstration line and produced large-size cell samples.

Jinergy takes cutting-edge technological innovation as the endogenous driving force for sustainable development, and simultaneously advances a variety of new technologies. It has cooperated with Shaanxi Normal University, CAS Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, and Taiyuan University of Technology to carry out the perovskite/ HJT cell tandem project research.

Iterative development has always been the core strategy of Jinergy, especially in the situation of fierce horizontal competition in the industry, only by mastering core advanced technologies, we can have greater market competitiveness. We should attach equal importance to R&D and industrial layout. In the second quarter, 2023, Jinergy was shortlisted as one of the two “representative enterprises in innovation” of the National Energy Administration, which is also a recognition of the Company's practice of technological innovation iteration, and also a new challenge for the Company. “We are confident to develop the advanced technology of high-efficiency solar cells, and at the same time, based on our industrialization capacity, we will quickly transport the current mature N-type products to the market to improve terminal income, and practice the development mission as a state-owned energy enterprise,” added Mr. Huang Jin.