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Jinergy Exported 168 MW High-power Modules to India

A subsidiary of Jinneng Holding Group, China's second-largest state-owned coal enterprise, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Jinergy") announced that it is supplying 168 MW 182-type high-power bifacial modules to Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, the largest private integrated solar energy company in India, for the construction of its local large-scale ground power station projects. The project will is set to begin in October of this year, and it is that expected the delivery of large cargoes be completed between October and November of this year.

Jinergy has already established a friendly and close cooperation network in the Indian market. In 2018, it was China's second largest export module supplier in India, with a market share of nearly 10%. After the 182-type module technology upgrade, the Indian partner signed a 100-megawatt purchase order, indicating that Jinergy's products and services are well-recognized by the partner. As a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Jinergy focuses on the background of economic globalization and green and low-carbon initiatives, actively providing more cutting-edge and valuable product solutions for global customers, and promoting high-quality products made in China to the world.

India implements the 'BIS certification' standard, in which the quality of imported products is tested, assessed, and supervised by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), covering pan-industrial fields. The certification is a symbol of high-quality products in India and neighboring countries. Jinergy's module products conform to the Indian BIS certification and meet the test standards and stringent requirements. Efficient and reliable products and excellent customer service are also important reasons why Indian clients choose Jinergy products despite the high costs.

This time, Jinergy will supply the JNBM144-540 W/545 W high-power bifacial modules to the client, which have shown excellent weatherability and efficient power generation performance in a variety of environments. Bifacial dual-glass modules can increase back surface power generation gain; specifically, it can increase the additional power generation gain by 5%-25% under different scenarios. Furthermore, with the ultra-long warranty of 30 years, the power generation income is stable and considerable throughout the life cycle. The 182-type modules are more in line with the current mainstream operation and maintenance solutions in terms of cross-border shipping and manual installation, as the related BOS costs can be reduced, and the installed revenue of clients can also be further improved. Moreover, higher power generation will play an important role in the development of a green economy and filling the energy use gap for the Indian market.