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Jinergy guarantees the supply of green energy: the “photovoltaic (PV) + transportation” scenario facilitates the upgrade of Shanxi high-speed service

Recently, the “PV storage, charging and supply” system of Dayu Toll Station invested by Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (STHGC) was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation. In this project, Shanxi Communications and Transportation Investment and Financing Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the framework EPC, including the installation and construction of toll station, service area, open space shed, ramp, tunnel access, low slope, and other areas. Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy” or “Company”) full-scenario module products are very suitable for the project needs for diversified application scenarios. Up to now, Jinergy has supplied 120MW to STHGC. In the future, Jinergy will continue to deepen cooperation and help build distributed PV projects along Shanxi expressway to inject new vitality of green energy into Shanxi ground transport system!
Under the new situation of sparing no effort to achieve carbon neutrality, the expressway system is facing the opportunity and challenge of low-carbon upgrading of the transport system. “The development of green and low-carbon transport is an important measure for the transport industry to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, serve the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and intensify the battle against pollution prevention and control,” the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China pointed out in the Green Transport Standard System issued in 2022.
Under the guidance of the policy, STHGC chose to cooperate with Jinergy, taking new energy PV as the entry point, and making full use of the idle space of facilities around expressways for solar power generation, which can not only practice the concept of green transport development, improve the comprehensive energy service capacity of expressways in Shanxi, manage slope safety and road environment, but also increase green income by broadening idle lands, thus responding to the call for green and sustainable development.
In this shipment cooperation, the advantages of Jinergy’s products are fully demonstrated. All the modules provided have passed high standard testing and certification, with outstanding product performance, so that they can adapt to various environmental conditions around the expressways, and provide customized products for special scenarios, highlighting the product adaptation to multiple scenarios in distributed projects. Previously, the modules supplied by Jinergy have won the trust of customers with high yield characteristics and high quality performance. The Company will continue to give full play to these “advantages” and facilitate the high-quality implementation of more green transportation projects in the future.