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Tackling difficulties and doing practical work to achieve excellence and dedication | Jinergy received a letter of acknowledgement from its partner, recognizing its quality services!

Recently, the “Huaneng Quwo County 300MW Photovoltaic Project” (“Project”), the bid of which was won by Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy” or “Company”), was fully connected to the grid and put into operation. As a main “backer”, Jinergy received a letter of acknowledgement from the Project’s implementer Shanxi Jinnan Ruineng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinnan Ruineng”), praising Jinergy’s service spirit of “solving the most difficult problem and doing solid work” to provide core help for the high-quality completion of grid connection work.
The “Huaneng Quwo County 300MW Photovoltaic Project” is the largest single photovoltaic (PV) power generation project approved by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province in 2021, and is listed as a key project in Shanxi Province in 2022, which has received enthusiastic attention from all parties because of its importance and practicality. Since the start of construction, the Project had been limited by the objective factors of “tight construction schedule, heavy task and large module demand”, which had put forward ultra-high guarantee requirements for the linkage company. Jinergy had maximized internal efforts to ensure customer order supply: Jinergy’s supply chain has been mature and stable for many years; the intelligent manufacturing enables efficient production; and the complete quality management system helps ensure reliable product quality.
During the delivery process, Jinergy had facilitated the smooth implementation of the project with qualified products and quality services. Jinergy had provided the Series 182 modules (power: 540W+) to preferably meet the requirements of the Project. This series adopts the most mature version of design on the market, with high compatibility for system configuration, thus helping shorten the construction period. The project team members of the Company were experienced, and cooperated with the service center in all aspects to respond quickly to irregular needs, so as to promote the smooth and efficient progress from product supply to technical support to on-site installation. The staff involved in the construction said: “The quality services in timely product supply, rapid response has guaranteed the Project to be smoothly connected to the grid. We look forward to a better performance of the high-power and high-compatible module products.”
It is reported that after the Project is connected to the grid, the annual average power generation is expected to be about 430 million KWH, saving about 125,000 tons of standard coal, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 342,000 tons per year, thus bringing greater environmental and economic benefits. In the future, we will make use of the “PV+ agriculture” composite development model to facilitate “rural revitalization” and drive the upgrade of multiple industries such as local agriculture, energy, and tourism. It is also a specific action taken by Shanxi to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Jinergy’s participation and role in this action is of great significance to the Company’s layout of regional industries and the stabilization of the core status of Shanxi’s PV industry chain.
As a new energy industry flagship enterprise of Jinneng Holding Group (“Group”), one of China’s top 10 energy groups, Jinergy shares the Group’s mission of green development, and follows high quality, high efficiency, and high standards to actively do a full range of work support for each supply cooperation. Here, we would also want to deliver our gratitude to Jinnan Ruineng for its concerted effort and cooperation. The trust and support of partners is the driving force for Jinergy to forge ahead. We hope that we can continue to work together to create more high-quality projects and facilitate the achievement of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals,transform energy for tomorrow.