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Keep pace with the new cycle of iteration| Jinergy empowerments large base, high profits, and diversified selections

On June 30, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy” or “Company”) was invited to attend the “Third China High Proportion Wind and Solar New Energy Power Development Seminar”, where industry experts and business representatives gathered together, themed on “ Facilitating the Energy Revolution and Highlighting Technology Development”, and focused on the development prospects of new energy such as wind power and photovoltaic (PV), the market policies, the technological innovation and the problems encountered in the process of large-scale development to carry out discussion. YIN Jinjie, Jinergy’s Product Manager, delivered a speech themed by Large-scale Photovoltaic Base Module Selection and Yield Improvement. Based on the current development trend of China’s high proportion wind and solar new energy power, he analyzed the composition and influence of PV equipment on project cost and yield. According to the current higher requirements for solar modules in the market, he provided new solutions and new ideas for equipment selection of large-scale PV base projects.
The “Third China High Proportion Wind and Solar New Energy Power Development Seminar” was hosted by Century New Energy Network and NETT. It focuses on the difficulties in the development of new energy power to offer suggestions for the development of new energy power in China, and to promote the healthy, orderly, and benign development of new energy power industry. This coincides with the responsibility and mission of Jinergy. As a new energy industry flagship enterprise of Jinneng Holding Group, one of China’s top 10 energy groups, Jinergy shares the Group’s mission of green development, shoulders the important task of energy structure transformation with green energy, promotes high-quality and sustainable development of the power sector, and facilitates the global customers’ green energy use transformation.
According to statistics, the current market demand for N-type products accounts for nearly 30%, and the annual bidding volume for N-type products has reached more than 23GW. The selection of PV equipment is rapidly transforming from P-type to N-type. Against this background, higher requirements are put forward for product technology, and product iteration is accelerated. According to Jinergy’s estimates, compared with P-type modules, N-type modules can increase power generation by about 3% while the Balance of System (BOS) can fall by about 3%, and the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) can fall by about 4.5%. The BOS cost optimization means that the support, labor cost, land occupation, cables and other related costs are reduced simultaneously, the application rate per unit area is increased, and a single installation can bring higher profits. Superposed with higher total power generation, it can greatly reduce the LCOE, and facilitate the installation action of larger-scale PV new energy, thus helping more customers to integrate into the wave of green development.
According to reports, Jinergy has currently created a holistic N-type product ecosystem layout with N-type technology as the core, and provided diversified solutions to meet more market needs, which can cover the optimal selected power range of the current application, and ensure the maximum overall yield. At present, Jinergy is investing in the development of future technologies such as laminated cell+ XBC, striving to make new breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology research & development, and conducting layout of advanced technologies to lead the progress of the industry. “Jinergy will not only make layout of several technologies, but also deepen implementation of the strategy for iterative development of technologies, and strive to activate potential and new ideas. Jinergy shoulders the mission of a state-owned enterprise, so the Company must create its own path of development,” added Mr. YIN.
At present, the proportion of renewable energy generation continues to increase, and the development of large bases keeps pace with the development of distributed applications. In the face of higher requirements under high growth, Jinergy continues to tackle key technology problems and optimize products, focus on the upgrade of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, high quality, and diversified forms, and provide PV solutions with higher power generation and lower investment costs for terminals.