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Jinergy passed the SA8000 certification

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy” or “Company”) successfully passed the certification audit for Social Accountability 8000 International Standard (SA8000), the scope of which covered the “social accountability management activities involved in design and manufacturing of silicon solar cells and modules” and other businesses. As a state-owned new energy enterprise under a Top 10 energy group in China, Jinergy has embedded the practice of social accountability into the corporate development journey, and finally put this “sense of accountability” into practice during the daily production activities, making all the staff get a sense of belonging and life happiness and be committed to the survival and development of the Company, which will comprehensively improve the quality of its products and services.

SA8000 is the world’s first international standard for code of ethics. The pass of SA8000 certification means that Jinergy’s product and service management process, personnel compensation and welfare and other systems meet the basic requirements of laws and regulations, and conform to the social accountability standard management system, thus allowing it to be recognized by authority on a global scale. Obtaining this certification will also help Jinergy expand into overseas markets, shorten the audit process in some countries or regions, increase positive recognition from international customers, and strengthen the Company's global business network.

Especially in Europe and the United States, where the awareness of human rights and laws & regulations are relatively strict, Chinese photovoltaic (PV) enterprises may be required to prove that the rights and interests of their workers in the industry chain comply with local laws and regulations as influenced by the international situation. In serious cases, they may even be subject to relevant sanctions, which will discourage overseas customers from purchasing our PV products. With the SA8000 certification, the undisputed compliance of Jinergy’s product production can maximize the protection of rights and interests of the Company and its customers in transaction and make both parties feel assured in business cooperation.

With the development of global economy, increasing people begin to pay attention to the social accountability and sustainable development of enterprises, and take them as a key yardstick to measure the strength of a brand. SA8000 is an important witness to the robust development of Jinergy. Jinergy takes the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise as its original mission, attaches great importance to humanistic value, realizes “service-oriented management” through perfect and continuously optimized management system, creates harmonious and safe working environment, and helps each of individual employees realize their self-value and enhance their senses of social engagement and presence, thus stimulating the innovation vitality and enthusiasm of employees and creating high-quality and sustainable production and operation system.