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Striving for energy transition in 2023: review of Jinergy’s four “new upgrades” in 2022

Thanks to the global consensus on low-carbon development, the photovoltaic (PV) industry entered a golden era of “rapid” expansion in 2022. According to the estimates of research institution Rethink Energy, the global installed solar capacity exceeded 200GW in 2022, far more than the 100 GW in 2021. China’s newly installed PV capacity has set a new record for the same period over the years. CPCA data show that in the first ten months of 2022, China’s newly installed PV capacity increased by nearly 98.7% year on year (YoY)! China’s PV enterprises are seizing the opportunity and staging a new energy revolution comprehensively.

As a major province of energy industry, Shanxi closely keeps up with the times. According to the newly issued 14th Five-year Plan for the Development of Renewable Energy in Shanxi Province, the installed power generation capacity of renewable energy in Shanxi Province will reach more than 83 million KW by 2025. Incremental demand lays a solid foundation for expansion of the entire industry chain. Therefore, in the 2022 Action Plan of Shanxi Photovoltaic Industry Chain, Shanxi Province plans to build a 100 billion KW photovoltaic industry cluster with key enterprises as the core.

As a leading enterprise in Shanxi’s new energy industry, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as"Jinergy" or the "Company") drives the collaborative development of PV manufacturing industry in Shanxi with advanced technologies, promotes the green energy use of customers with efficient products, and lights the label of “Shanxi Brand” with high-quality services of a state-owned enterprise. In the past 2022, Jinergy has also ushered in continuous brand optimization, playing a pioneering and leading role in using green energy resource and facilitating energy transition.


New Products

Products are the best interpretation of the brand concept. Different product characteristics represent the company’s differentiated product layout. Jinergy has always put LCOE reduction in PV industry first in its development and taken the high-efficient N-type heterojunction (HTJ) as the core. While focusing on the pain points at the application end, it has launched the product innovation concept of “application value and differentiated producPhenomenal Performancet”. In 2022, the Company completed the upgrade of 182 large-size production line, followed by continuous release of lightweight, high-voltage resistance mechanical loading module, all-black, transparent backplanesheet and other customized modules to improve the product matrix, boost the comprehensive performance of modules in various environments, and bring higher value benefits to customers.

High quality products have extended the business strength of Jinergy. In 2022, the Company maintained sustainable and steady pace in globalization, and successively obtained a number of regional certifications. Its large-size modules also obtained the French Carbon Footprint (CFP) certification at the highest speed. The multiple authoritative recognition has facilitated the company’s pace to expand overseas market.


New Cost Reduction

In the industry’s iterative upgrade from p-type to n-type technology, Jinergy firmly chose N-type HJT pathway, and promoted the localization of HJT equipment as early as 2022 to facilitate the low-cost and large-scale mass production development of HJT modules. In mid-2022, Jinergy and Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinchen Corp.”) jointly tested the HJT PEVCD equipment (independently developed by Jinchen Corp.), and jointly completed the process verification of amorphous PECVD coating equipment. And the two sides are now working together to develop “microcrystalline-based HJT solar cell PECVD process”, speed up the localization process of key HJT equipment and reduce the initial layout cost of production lines.

In addition, the Company is also promoting HJT cost reduction in the areas of paste material consumption, silicon wafer lamination, silver and copper paste application, and indium target material optimization, and mobilizing the R&D team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on other feasible solutions to cost reduction for existing processes, giving full play to the internal kinetic energy to achieve results and keep approaching the goal of cost reduction, so that the high efficiency value of HJT can be highlighted as soon as possible and the terminal users can benefit from it as soon as possible.

New Services

“Satisfaction” is only the minimum pursuit of Jinergy for its service. “To think what customers want and solve what customers are anxious about” is the source of continuous improvement of the brand service system, which thereout extends a series of high standard service system of state-owned enterprises, setting up a benchmark model in the industry. At the most difficult moment of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, Jinergy took the whole situation into account and planned accordingly by virtue of its digital advantages, carried out reasonable production activities under the premise of protecting employees’ health benefits, gave full play to the channel advantages of a state-owned enterprise, coordinated with the government, logistics departments and suppliers, and invested all resources in guarantee of supply, thus achieving the efficient action of “no delay in supply, no postponement in project and no deferral in service”, and garnering unanimous wide acclaim from our partners.

New Practice

Under the guidance of China’s “whole county promotion” model, the distributed PV industry again achieved substantial growth in 2022, having formed a cluster effect and triggered the reshaping of the business format. Jinergy held the key variate of distributed PV, and took distributed PV projects in towns and villages as the starting point. In 2022, Jinergy carried out a number of “PV+” composite PV projects in Shanxi, Northeast China and other regions, and joined hands with Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group to seize the opportunity of the times, create the “PV+ expressway” model demonstration, and build a new green transportation operation solution. A number of its “PV+” projects have facilitated both green upgrading and economic efficiency. And its project operation and management have also contributed to employment growth in related areas.

Jinergy has based on the domestic market to expand business worldwide. While comprehensively cultivating the Chinese market,Jinergy has actively exploring the global market, with partners all over the world and a great many high-quality cases. In 2022, Jinergy continued to be ranked in BloombergNEF (BNEF) Tier 1 (Tier 1 PV module manufacturer) level, well demonstrating its global business operation strength and authority.

In 2023, we will continue to forge ahead and welcome a fresh beginning.