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Advanced technology and reliable quality: Jinergy won “PVBL 2022 Global Best Product Practice Award”

On December 25, 2022, the 7th Century Photovoltaic Conference (CPC2022) and 10th PVBL Global Photovoltaic Brand Rankings Announcement Ceremony (PVBL2022) co-sponsored by Century New Energy Network and PV Brand Laboratory (PVBL) was successfully held in Shanghai. Seven sub-categories of awards were presented at this event to recognize the outstanding contributions of leading enterprises in various fields. Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy” or the “Company”) won the “PVBL 2022 Global Best Product Practice Award” by virtue of its efficient products and high-quality project cases, demonstrating that the brand’s strong strength has been recognized by the market again!
Founded in 2012, PVBL is composed of PV industry media, public relations consulting enterprises, third-party evaluation agencies, industry associations, market analysts and other professionals. PVBL adhere to the principles of “professional, fair and independent”, which has become one of the market bellwethers. Only five companies won the best product practice award this year. As one of the winners, Jinergy has been firmly choosing N-type heterojunction (HTJ) as the main line of technical layout since its establishment. After years of efforts, its R&D, production, operation and maintenance links have become advanced and mature. Coupled with its high-yield HJT cell and large-size module technologies, it has shown excellent performance in the comprehensive practice of the project. And it has established trust relationship with stable customer groups all over the world.
Jinergy always takes both efficiency and cost into account and strives to prosper both the market and the application. Jinergy focuses on terminal application and perfection of its N-type module ecosystem in its upgrading. It has successfully developed lightweight, high-pressure resistance and other leading technologies to specifically solve application pain points in distributed and harsh environment fields, and made remarkable achievements in design, performance optimization, carbon footprint reduction and other details, thus to have enhanced the ability of customized photovoltaic overall solutions. Diversified, mature and reliable N-type product ecosystem helps Jinergy achieve high quality product practice goals for each project and steadily improve the terminal yield.
According to CPCA statistics, N-type cell expansion projects account for about 30% of the total capacity of cell expansion. Under the trend of global low-carbon development, N-type modules are ushering in a critical period of installed capacity, and the industry popularity remains high. Jinergy is seizing the opportunity of industry development and enhancing its own technologies and products. The Company is being committed to integrating various advanced technologies, accelerating the improvement of N-type product ecosystem, and building a benchmark for the industrialization of new products and new technologies, thus facilitating the upgrading with innovative thinking.