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New member of Jinergy Developed Series: Transparent Backhseet Module boosts the maximization of green value

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinergy”) announced the launch of the Jinergy Developed Series of Transparent Backsheet Module (hereinafter referred to as “Transparent Backsheet Module”). In the future, it will be widely used in ground centralized and distributed photovoltaic (PV) power station projects. This Transparent Backsheet Module adopts single-glass structure to achieve bifacial power generation, which can solve the specific problem that the weight of traditional double-glass module exceeds the load of the rooftop. It is applicable to distributed projects where there are conditions to install bifacial power generation module but need to control roof load. Meanwhile, it can also reduce related production costs, solve the problem that raw material glass price interferes with module cost, lower the threshold of installation with lower initial investment, and maximize the benefit of power station.
With low operating temperature and light weight, this Transparent Backsheet Module product can endow the single-glass module with bifacial power generation performance. The white grid of its transparent backsheet can reflect the incoming sunlight for a second time to increase the amount of incoming light. Good heat dissipation can reduce the operating temperature of the Transparent Backsheet Module. The Transparent Backsheet Module can be 20% lighter than the double-glass module, reducing shipping and installation costs. In practical application, the Transparent Backsheet Module enjoys more prominent advantages: its high power generation can reduce corresponding ICOE; and its multiple advantages can bring additional power generation and actually increase economic benefits.
The efficiency of the Jinergy Developed Series of Transparent Backsheet Module can reach 21.48%. The single-glass bifacial power generation product can add up to 5%-25% additional power generation gain. Its overall power generation level is in the first echelon of distributed PV modules. The use of thinner glass in the packaging link results in reduction of weight. With Jinergy’s lightweight technology, it can achieve synchronous upgrade of “efficiency+ weight reduction+ cost control”.
Overall, the weatherability, application convenience and power generation performance of the Transparent Backsheet Module have significantly exceeded industry expectations, and the market application is mature and reliable. At present, it is well acclaimed in overseas markets such as Europe and America. As a leading state-owned enterprise in new energy, Jinergy has mature production line technology and service guarantee that jointly help expand the market of its new products. The innovative application of the Jinergy Developed Series of products can help maximize the green value of PV projects, provide customers with high-yield and reliable installation experience, help the low-carbon and energy-saving development of various industries, and jointly achieve energy transition.