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JINERGY Demonstrative New Energy SOE in Scientific and Technological Innovation and Producer of High-quality Products

As a vital force of China’s economic development, scientific and technological innovation by state-owned enterprise (SOE) is essential to reach a high-quality social and economic development. Under the global trend of street vendor economy, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“JINERGY” or “Company), a leading state-owned new energy enterprise in Shanxi, takes the initiative to be a forerunning SOE in technological innovation, establish a globally competitive photovoltaic research and development system, make breakthroughs in N-type module, large-size module and other advanced technologies, and boost the iterative upgrading of the industry. The Company has finished renovating the laboratory center this year, which is able to meet the new testing standards specified in IEC 61215. Along with the implementation of 4 major quality management and control systems, the Company is able to further enhance the production of large-size, high-power and high-quality products, and to create a demonstrative sample of scientific and technological innovation in SOE.


Comprehensive Renovation of Laboratory Center Make up Efforts for Developing Full-range Products

The Science and Technology Laboratory Center (“Laboratory Center”) of JINERGY is mainly involved in testing the performances of solar photovoltaic modules and other raw materials, and the environment reliability. It is run strictly based on the ISO17025 system and has been obtained CNAS qualification and certification in May 2019. All tests and detections adopt internationally authoritative standards like IEC. As a result, test reports display international mutual recognition. It is a great driving force of the industrialization of the Company’s advanced technologies.

Since the beginning of this year, JINERGY is engaged in a full-scale upgrading and started the technical upgrading of the production line of large-size products. After renovation, the testing capability could satisfy demands for mainstream large-size high-power modules and new requirements in IEC 61215. The Laboratory Center has been passed the annual review of TÜV Nord Witnessed Test Data Program in July 2022 and that of TÜV SÜD Witnessed Test Data Program in August 2022, fully proving that the Company’s laboratory management and testing capability have been recognized by the certification authority. In the future, the Laboratory Center will continue to provide reliable guarantee to the Company’s new product development, in order to further win customer trust and enhance the Company’s overall competitiveness.


Circular Upgrading of Quality Management System Gets Product Quality Covered

JINERGY Quality Management System has been reviewed and certified by TUV NORD; and the Laboratory Center approved by CNAS ISO17025 management system. The Company has relied on the 4 major management systems to establish management documents like Quality System Manual, EHS System Manual, and Laboratory Management Manual, to direct the high-quality operation of the production base.

As a result of the comprehensive management, the Company regards delivery of high-quality products as its ultimate goal. Therefore, it will apply all-round quality management and control in supplier management, incoming material control, process control, and after-sales services, to eliminate any quality problem at the source and dramatically improve the product quality.

Guided by the general quality and EHS policies, the Company has been continuously optimizing and improving its high-quality production through internal and external circular systems. The combination of an all-sided quality assurance system and upgraded laboratory facilitates JINERGY to achieve high-efficiency development and high-quality production of photovoltaic modules, enhance customers’ decarbonization experience in equipment purchasing and installation, provide the market photovoltaic modules with better efficiency and guaranteed quality, and drive the significant progress of carbon neutrality cause.