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All-black HJT modules were launched! Jinergy attended the Fourth HJT, Perovskite & Tandem Solar Cell Forum

On August 25th and 26th, 2022, the Fourth HJT, Perovskite & Tandem Solar Cell Forum was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC. Representatives from domestic and overseas manufacturers engaging in heterojunction (HTJ), perovskite & tandem solar cell, related materials and equipment, and industry elites attended the Forum. WANG Jilei, HJT R&D Director of Jineng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”), delivered a keynote speech themed by High-efficiency HJT Cell Technology with 24.7% Mass Production Efficiency, in which he shared Jinergy’s latest progress in HJT technology and the Jinergy developed series of full-black modules, aiming to jointly promote the commercialization of next-generation technologies and products.

The Fourth HJT, Perovskite & Tandem Solar Cell Forum aims to discuss the outlook for the photovoltaic industry against the background of achieving carbon neutrality, and focuses on the optimization of HJT cell technology, key links and equipment cost reduction to explore the comprehensive development level of HJT, perovskite & tandem solar cell, as well as the market potential in the preferred photovoltaic fields. It is one of Jinergy’s key work directions to explore HJT technology upgrading and application upgrading. WANG Jilei said, “The mass production efficiency of HJT cell has reached 24.7%. In terms of product technology, Jinergy has made new breakthroughs in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement through the optimization of technical solutions. The cost of 120μm silicon wafer is expected to reduce by 6% after being put into mass production. The microcrystalline process would continue to significantly improve cell efficiency. With the help of the dual optimization, the comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency enhancement ability of HJT photovoltaic products will be significantly improved.”

“In general, Jinergy has achieved all-round efficiency enhancement, cost reduction, transformation and optimization in such aspects as silicon wafer progress, CVD, TCO, material optimization, metallization solution and more. The efficiency of HJT cells at the next stage is expected to exceed 25.5%. At present, the silver paste consumption of Jinergy’s M6-9BB HJT cell can be controlled below 17.5mg/W. We are gradually getting rid of the cost control of mass production of silver paste, target material, silicon wafer and equipment through technology optimization, and designing a more cost-competitive HJT mass production solution,” added WANG Jilei.

Jinergy leads the comprehensive upgrading of product solutions with advanced technologies. At the same time, Jinergy has launched the Jinergy Design Series of All-black HJT Modules, which adopt all-black detail design with black frame, black collecting bar and other black materials. The application of black materials optimizes the process flow and makes the product quality more reliable. The superposition of bifacial high-efficiency power generation and small size increases the system power production and reduces the occupied area. The all-black appearance is more suitable for photovoltaic landscape projects, such as urban ground carport, villa enclosure and other areas. The pure black theme endows the overall appearance with a different sense of tranquility, bringing more ultimate installation experience.

In the future, Jinergy will continue to implement technology iteration route of “keeping one generation in mass production, one generation in pilot production and one generation in R&D”, increase investment in mass production technology optimization, make layout and R&D of HJT+ perovskite/ HBC and other future technologies, promote industry progress through technological innovation, drive the transformation of energy structure, and jointly achieve a zero-carbon future.