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Transform Energy for Tomorrow! Jinergy attended the “2022 China Seminar on High Proportion of Wind, Solar & New Energy Power Development”

On August 12th, Jineng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”) was invited to attend the “2022 China Seminar on High Proportion of Wind, Solar & New Energy Power Development”. Jinergy hoped to promote the joint, orderly and sound development of new energy power together with representative enterprises in wind, solar and new energy power industries. Jinergy will adhere to technological innovation, constantly improve product ecology, facilitate the high-quality decarbonization of global customers, and promote energy revolution with newer and more efficient technologies and products, to transform energy for tomorrow.

As the pioneer of clean energy in Shanxi Province and the main force of new energy sector in Jinneng Holding Group, Jinergy takes practical actions to practice the leading role of a state-owned enterprise, pursue interconnected development of the upstream and downstream clusters of the industry chain, and lead the PV industry chain in Shanxi to achieve chain-based and cluster-based development, thus providing strong support for the all-round and high-quality development of new energy industry in Shanxi. In order to adapt to the new power system in which the share of new energy is gradually increasing, Jinergy has not only conducted layout of the whole range of products and created a new industrial ecosystem by combining technologies, products and services, but also relied on its high-efficiency and reliable products more suitable for application scenarios to facilitate the development of new energy power systems such as “integrated hydrogen storage solution of wind power and PV power" and “integrated solution of power source, power grid, power load and energy storage”.

Jinergy has always been adhering to the iterative development of technological innovation,giving full play to the stable development characteristics of state-owned enterprises, and been committed to becoming a world-leading photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise and clean energy provider. During the "Top Runner Program" period, we took the lead in the construction of advanced photovoltaic demonstration projects, and relayed the construction of national photovoltaic green projects for a long time. At the key point of iterative development of industry technology, we devote to N-type heterojunction (HJT) technology. The scale development of new technologies will promote industry progress. Our mature industry chains and advanced technologies enable the Company to harvest the overseas markets. Our high-efficiency and high-quality photovoltaic products have won recognition from customers at home and abroad. We will focus on the new power systems and user demands to transform high and new technologies into high-quality, high-efficiency and reliable products, to make our effective contributions to achieving the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals on schedule.

In the future, Jinergy will continue to compete for production capacity with technology and cost, expand steadily with robust financial performance and good reputation, create extraordinary achievements, promote the transformation of energy structure with newer and more efficient technologies, and facilitate the endeavors to achieve the carbon neutrality goal.