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Jinergy was honored the “2021 Module Technology Breakthrough Award” for its favorably recognized technological upgrading

On July 15, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”), representative of China’s state-owned new energy enterprises, won the “2021 Module Technology Breakthrough Award”. Initiated by the all-media platform of in-en.com, an authoritative media in China, the Award has been held six times, and recognized as an influential brand award in the industry.

Jinergy has been adhering to technological innovation and iterative development, and its overall strength has been recognized by customers all over the world. The influence of Jinergy’s global customer base continues to rise, and the superior brand power helps the Company continue to make commercial breakthroughs, forming a virtuous cycle of simultaneous improvement of comprehensive strength and brand influence.

The Award is produced through Internet voting and industry experts’ evaluation. The Organizing Committee will invite industry experts to carry out evaluation from 8 dimensions, including innovation mode of enterprise management, credit index, user value, basic data, enterprise recognition, industry influence, business growth and stability, which can further highlight the authoritative, representative and typical properties of the Award. As one of the excellent enterprise representatives of the PV industry in 2021, Jinergy continues to be committed to technological innovation and product & service upgrading, fulfill the mission of a leading state-owned new energy enterprises with practical actions, focus on zero-carbon development and terminal market demand, attach equal importance to technology, product and service, provide quality products and services for partners and customers, set a benchmark for the high-quality development of the industry, and make effective contribution to promoting the achievement of carbon neutrality goals.

According to the forecast of authoritative media PV-InfoLink, the global PV increment will reach 214GW in 2022. With the wave of carbon neutrality sweeping over the world, the global installed capacity demand continues to grow. In order to better meet the installation demand of main markets, resist the adverse factors such as industrial chain fluctuation and the COVID-19 pandemic, Jinergy focuses on continuous breakthroughs in the aspects of technological optimization, service priority, channel intercommunication and the like, and cultivates new advantages of multi-dimensional operation. Jinergy will ensure that the contracted projects at home and abroad are carried out according to the established plan, deliver efficient products at a stable price to customers, and jointly accelerate the pace of decarburation.