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Jinergy design series of products to highlight the advantages of product differentiation

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”) has continued to launch the “Jinergy design series of products”. Based on new product design concept of “PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE”, Jinergy has designed the customer customized products including light-weight,high mechanical loading and floating modules . They are respectively aimed at the distributed household projects, environmentally harsh region projects, and seaborne photovoltaic projects to address application pain points in specific environments. Jinergy will continuously improve its product ecosystem, excavate product solutions with more application value, manufacture a full range of products with ingenuity, and bring more valuable green decarburation experience to customers.

As a pioneer in China’s new energy industry, Jinergy focuses on practice and innovation, takes advanced technology as the core, centers on customer service upgrading, and secure customers’ key interests in the long term such as product supply, project operation and maintenance, and financial security. Jinergy becomes a pioneer in the green energy industry by virtue of its innovative technology and quality service upgrading. It helps achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and the energy structure transformation, and accelerate the march to a zero-carbon future.

It is still making continuous upgrading of the key technology, namely the N-type HJT technology. The company’s latest R&D of passivation technology and non-noble metal package solution has gradually entered the stage of mass production, which would make HJT cost further closer to PERC cost. Jinergy has long been committed to key HJT equipment R&D and special cost reduction technology, thus promoting the iterative upgrading of N-type technology in the industry. In the future, “zero-carbon HJT” products with lower carbon value and higher efficiency will bring more surprises to the market.

Jinergy will attach equal importance to technology, product and service, and create a new ecosystem for the industry development. It will maintain the stability of state-owned enterprise, promote technological innovation and high-quality development with stable capital operation, advanced technology system and high-quality brand service, to explore the endless possibilities of global green development in the new context of carbon neutrality.