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Jinergy’s large-size PV module was listed by Brazil’s INMETRO

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”), one of China’s state-owned new energy enterprises, announced that the Company’s large-size PV module was successfully listed by INMETRO, Brazil's national accreditation body, which would again improve the competitiveness of the Company’s large-size and high-power products in the overseas markets. Products that have passed Brazil’s INMETRO certification system will be granted an ENCE energy efficiency label. The energy efficiency grade of Jinergy’s large-size products was rated as First Grade certification of Class A. The passing of INMETRO certification marks that the Company has successfully broken through the barriers in Brazilian photovoltaic market, so that it can tap more potential cooperation opportunities in the future, and lay a solid foundation for further expansion of the Latin American market.

Since July 1, 2011, INMETRO certificate has become a necessary stepping-stone for PV products to enter the Brazilian PV market. The certification system designates INMETRO as the competent authority for conformity assessment on the implementation, coordination and supervision, namely INMETRO is a government agency directly under Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Brazil.

Brazil is a member of the G20 and BRICS countries. It is the largest country in Latin America with the largest population and the highest GDP. It is one of the world’s largest consumers of electricity. Most of Brazil’s territory is located in the tropical region, full of sunshine throughout the year, rich in solar energy resources, and has high development value. In Brazil, the local population base is huge; the industrial base is sound, the industrial structure is diversified; and the growth potential of power consumption is great. In the face of the global low-carbon development trend, the Brazilian government is accelerating the transformation of the electric power structure, and ushering in new opportunities for the development of local photovoltaic new energy. Absolar predicts that the installed PV capacity in Brazil will exceed 20GW by 2024.

People of Jinergy said, “The power of INMETRO accredited large-size PV products have exceeded 600W, with ultra-high conversion efficiency and excellent weather-shield durability, applicable to harsh environments. We can make full use of the rich solar energy resources in Brazil to produce clean electricity, maximally meet the production and daily life needs of Brazilian customers, create more green value for Brazil, help upgrade the local power structure, and jointly build a new era of global low-carbon economy.”