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Improve customer service system: customized product innovation and R&D mechanism facilitates Jinergy’s upgrading of operation

It aims to strengthen the innovation and R&D mechanism, and improve the customer service system. As a state-owned new energy enterprise in China, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”) focuses on the green and efficient application value of photovoltaic, aims at product differentiation and adopts the customer-centric strategy to develop its new product series “PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE”. Based on the actual needs of customers, the company combines the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutions to tackle the application problems, stabilizes the long-term quality assurance of universal module products, and extends the product ecosystem of customer customized products, continues to expand customer solutions, releases the application value of efficient and reliable products from multiple dimensions, and improves customers’ comprehensive green income.

At the same time, the Company implements the sales philosophy of service first and customer first. From the front end to the backstage, we ensure that there are relevant supporting personnel and systems in every link of the process to timely and excellently promote service supply and project progress. As a state-owned enterprise, Jinergy will fulfill its mission of leading industry development, and bring customers better and secured “overall” decarburation experience.


Put customer demand first in our R&D and innovation.

R&D and innovation are the lifeblood of technology-based enterprises. Through technological innovation and lean production, Jinergy has built a technologically competitive cell and module production capacity. The Company continues to increase R&D efforts to inject new blood for innovation and upgrading.

During the development stage, Jinergy’s project team planned the development route of new products by analyzing the potential needs of customers, conducting research on the market changes of similar products, product development prospects, and improvement of existing product defects. After a series of evaluation and experimental tests, the leading department of the project took the feasibility of the actual application of customers as the starting point, and made improvements according to the problems existing in the trial production process until the mass production target was achieved.

Jinergy closely follows the market-side demand, focuses on customer-centric strategy, and bases on customers’ actual application scenarios, to have continuously made technological breakthroughs with the support of a scientific and efficient R&D system, converted the achievements into the most practical and economic HJT products, large-size products, lightweight products, high pressure resistant products and other high-quality products and stably increased customers’ installed income.


Improve customer service system and take multiple measures to ensure supply

Jinergy starts from the actual needs of customers to provide customers with extensive, comprehensive and fast services, thus enhancing the value management for customers. At the same time, the corresponding feedback center is established internally to connect and coordinate all departments to respond to customer needs quickly and orderly. With progressively optimized customer-centric services, Jinergy continues to carry out dynamic service management. Even under the influence of many uncertain factors such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world and the floating upstream industrial chain, Jinergy can still meet various customer demands beyond expectations, and ensure the stable and orderly progress of project supply and installation.

Against the historical background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, new energy enterprises are facing high-level competition in terms of technology, so that it is difficult to widen a decisive gap, and the value of service is further highlighted. With the synergy of demand-oriented product ecosystem, customer-centric innovation concept and progressively optimized technology R&D system, Jinergy can ensure quality product supply and quality service upgrade, and bring high-quality decarburation experience to global customers.