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Jinergy’s large-size modules are featured on Australia’s CEC accredited products list

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) announced that its 182 monocrystalline PERC module products, including JNMM144-XXX (530-555), JNMM120-XXX (435-480), JNMM108-XXX (390-415), conformed to the requirements of CEC (Clean Energy Council), Australia’s highest authority on clean energy, and were successfully included in CEC accredited products list.

It is learned that CEC requires the relevant products to pass IECEE accredited laboratory tests, the results of which must comply with Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 5033 standards. CEC acts as a strong link between Australia and overseas markets. It has deep partnerships with local Australian state and national governments. CEC also provides a range of services and business opportunities for its members, installers, retailers and other cleaning industry partners. In the future, Jinergy is expected to take advantage of the CEC platform to make breakthrough concerning large-scale shipments in the Australian market.

Jinergy’s comprehensive quality management and certification system, as well as its technological innovation and lean production endow its products with superior performance and reliable quality. Jinergy is very confident in its development prospects in the Australian photovoltaic market. The fact of our modules being featured on the Australia’s CEC accredited products only marks the beginning of our market exploitation. What is more worthy of expectation is that the high power and high compatibility of Jinergy’s new large-size products will bring more green value and higher gain experience to Australian customers. Jinergy is also looking forward to close exchanges and cooperation with more excellent Australian enterprises.