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High mechanical loading solar module can withstand wind and snow! Jinergy launched new stable and reliable household product

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) launched high mechanical loading solar module of upgraded load, which can withstand snow storm and other extreme weather and achieve more outstanding performance in abnormal environments, e.g., offshore islands, high wind pressure areas and frigid polar regions. By now, the solar module which has obtained TÜV certificate is accurately catering to relevant market demand.

According to a survey report jointly issued by BNEF and Schneider Electric, it’s predicted that 167 million households and 23 million enterprises will have their own clean energy generation facilities by 2050.

Under the high growth, photovoltaic products for household use are switching to overall development from regional collective requirements, and are expanded to remote areas of worse natural conditions from central areas of comfortable environment. At present, third-party tests on conventional solar modules are based on the front load of 5,400Pa and back load of 2,400Pa. Although the standard meets most of application requirements, in severe application environment of remote areas, it must further improve safety factors of solar modules and extend products’ life cycle of continuous generation. Driven by such demand, Jinergy has developed and launched this high load and high mechanical loading solar module.

Front load of the high mechanical loading solar module has passed the test of 10,000Pa (equivalent to the snow load of 4m), far beyond the conventional load of 5,400Pa (equivalent to the snow load of 2.2m), representing double anti-pressure ability; back load of the solar module has passed the test of 4,000Pa wind load, far beyond the conventional load of 2,400Pa, indicating that the overall structure’s stability is significantly improved; meanwhile, the solar module has passed severe hail test, in which the maximum diameter of the ice balls is 35mm (China Meteorological Administration deems the hail of average diameter of larger than 20mm as “heavy hail”), indicating that even seriously rare natural hazard is within the “bearable” scope of the high mechanical loading solar module.

Besides, the high mechanical loading product adopts PERC monocrystalline technology, so that it is characterized by light weight, low working current and small module area. With 35mm reinforced structure frame, the module is of the total weight of 21Kg and the dimension of 1,755*1,038mm, so that it’s convenient for one worker to move and install the module, providing both operation convenience and safety; the module is designed to support a variety of household installation ways, including public beam, beam, slideway and four-point installation; and according to actual demand and complex scenes, it matches other modules to improve the load. Based on its overall application scheme, the high mechanical loading module can significantly

At present, based on different application scenes, the high mechanical loading module can also be customized, e.g., all black design for aesthetic, the anti-dazzle glass for reducing reflected light from glass surface, so as to make it more applicable to household use and airport environment, thus achieving the aesthetic, performance and safety.