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Keeping orderly production and timely supply, Jinergy achieves scientific COVID-19 pandemic prevention

Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) fulfills its social responsibilities by adhering to the policy of “Safety and Health, Green and Conservation,Rule and Law-Abiding, Effective Prevention and Continuous Improvement”. As the world is plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jinergy dares to fulfill its social responsibilities as a large-scale state-owned enterprise, actively implements the measures for safe production, pandemic prevention and supply guarantee, so as to safeguard the production order of new energy industry in Shanxi Province, to guarantee stable supply for domestic and overseas customers’ new energy projects, and to set an example for scientific pandemic prevention for large-scale state-owned energy enterprises.

Guaranteeing both production and prevention via cloud-based office and overall planning

Against the background of the severe pandemic prevention situation, as a large-scale state-owned new energy enterprise, Jinergy shall guarantee not only its employees’ benefits, but also high-quality production, so it shall carry out pandemic prevention and control in a scientific manner and with a global mindset.

With support of local governments, Jinergy plans its existing resources for production, arranges its production lines in a reasonable manner, and facilitates to organize its production. Jinergy splits up and carries out production tasks at home and abroad, so as to guarantee timely shipment and supply. By now, Jinergy has never delayed in delivering any project, so its supply guarantee is at the forefront of the industry.

In the aspect of supply management of raw materials, Jinergy coordinates with governments, logistics companies and suppliers to guarantee supply of raw materials. Jinergy strictly implements the disinfection system, and does not allow any incoming material to enter its factory until the external disinfection is completed, so as to avoid the hidden virus transmission risk. Based on the system, Jinergy has established the reserve warehouse of raw materials for keeping reasonable safety stock, so that it can respond to a variety of possible impacts caused by uncertainties.

Meanwhile, Jinergy sets up a “safety area” for disinfection and detection, and requires the personnel involved in disinfection, transportation and production not to leave such “safety area”, so as to guarantee independent internal production and further guarantee the safe production.

Jinergy adopts modern “cloud-based office” for employees who cannot come to the office or factory. Jinergy carries out internal cooperation via digital platform, on-line office and online conference, so that it not only avoids pandemic spread resulting from personnel circulation, but also guarantees orderly safe production, operation management, marketing & sales and other relevant businesses.

digital factory optimizes the pattern of production

As one of the representative new high-tech enterprises in PV intelligent manufacturing and digital factories, Jinergy has internal production personnel who have been systematically optimized to achieve intelligent production, and its digitization also supports its pandemic prevention and supply guarantee.

Jinergy has realized the interconnection of OA (Office Automation), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PMS (Purchase Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management). By virtue of formulating reasonable production plans, directly responding via robots and automation equipment, facilitating production, and economizing on manpower, it has effectively improved the per capita output.

According to its own situation, Jinergy adopts targeted JPS+ (Jinergy Production System), in which the Technology Department, Production Department, Equipment Department, Quality Control Department, Power Department and EHS Department coordinate to carry out production under standard, automatic and just-in-time requirements. In this way, Jinergy has formed the management system of meticulous workorder management, standard production operation and quick response from departments related to production; meanwhile, it has set up the big data model for exception handling, thus enabling it to guarantee stable and effective production through the timely response model including quick searching, quick analysis, and quick settlement. Besides, the optimized pattern of production requires fewer personnel and reduces personnel contact, thus more conforming to the requirements of pandemic prevention and safe production.

With its refined, standard, informationalized and high-quality management system, Jinergy is able to transport green energy products to customers while guaranteeing both quality and quantity, thus achieving pandemic prevention and supply guarantee.