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Jinergy boosts the innovation of HJT equipment

The endowment of clean energy resources has gradually emerged in the era of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. As a Chinese photovoltaic high-tech low-carbon transformation enterprise, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” ) also carries forward its unremitting innovation and enterprising spirit, and contributes to the high-quality development of photovoltaic technology with a continuously improved technological innovation system.
The large-scale industrialization of high and new technology is of great significance to promote industrial progress, and heterojunction (“HJT”) cell technology has become the first choice for industrialization technology promotion due to its advantages of short process flow, high conversion efficiency, and more material choices and efficiency improvement potential than homojunction solar cell . Jinergy's HJT production line started commercial operation in 2017 and Jinergy is one of the first PV manufacturers to commercialize HJT modules in China. In 2018, when China's major photovoltaic enterprises began to put HJT projects into production, almost all of them referred to the equipment scheme of the production line, which showed its industry-first technology foresight and technology integration capabilities. After 3 years, this production line still maintains the mainstream configuration position in the market, helping us consolidate the background of the research and development and strategic layout of HJT technology.
As the first PV manufacturer to realize the mass production of HJT technology, Jinergy overcomes difficulties in such dimensions as equipment selection, material performance, and technology research and development, so as to make breakthrough. We have achieved phased results in "equipment selection", which is an important subject for cost reduction, effectively promoting the improved industrialization of HJT technology.
In order to further reduce production costs, Jinergy started to comprehensively plan a new production line in 2019 with the support of profound technical accumulation. In 2020, Jinergy R&D team cooperated with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and other organizations to make innovations, and successfully completed the development of China's first large-capacity HJT PVD equipment.
The difficulty in the development of PVD equipment exists in the matching and combination of equipment performance and the special requirements of the HJT process. Jinergy R&D team has developed systematic independently innovative HJT technology at the early stage, and completed sufficient investigation on equipment. On this basis, hawse have sorted out the performance standards of HJT PVD equipment and formulated relevant standards for key equipment components. These efforts have greatly promoted the development of PVD equipment later, and greatly reduced the development time and development cost.
In 2021, Jinergy cooperated with Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. to develop large-capacity PECVD equipment for the production of HJT cells; at present, the process verification has been completed and it has entered the stage of microcrystalline PECVD equipment and process development.
"Microcrystalline-HJT" is conducive to improving current short-circuit, increasing open-circuit voltage, and improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of HJT cells, and will hardly increase the cost of HJT cells, so it is the mainstream advanced technology for achieving breakthroughs in photoelectric conversion efficiency and cost reduction of HJT solar cell at present. Through cooperative research and development attempts, the equipment has brought great achievements in technological cost reduction and technological independence, and has broken through the technical bottleneck of large-scale process chambers on the product manufacturing side.
Jinergy will continue to be committed to the realization of leading technology reserves, continue to open up cooperation with value chain partners, work hard in the field of technological innovation to reduce costs, increase efficiency and accelerate the industrialization of high and new technology, and contribute to the high-quality development of photovoltaic technology.