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Jinergy helps independent development of microcrystalline HJT PECVD process equipment to accelerate the upgrade of HJT mass production efficiency

Recently, the first microcrystalline heterojunction (“HJT”) PECVD process equipment arrived at Jinergy, which is jointly developed by Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) and Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. ("Jinchen Corp" ). The equipment will improve the existing HJT cell structure and upgrade the photoelectric conversion efficiency of HJT cells.

In June 2021, Jinergy took the lead in introducing the HJT PECVD equipment independently developed by Jinchen Corp, and fully trusted the technology innovation of Jinchen Corp Since then, Jinergy and Jinchen Corp have worked closely together to complete the process verification of amorphous PECVD coating equipment, and jointly developed the "PECVD process of microcrystalline-based HJT solar cells" to accelerate the pace of China manufacturing of HJT key equipment PECVD . The sense of mission and the spirit of exploration of the two sides in the cooperation shaped a benchmark for Chinese photovoltaic equipment brands in technical confidence and independent innovation and development.

It is reported that the "microcrystalline-HJT" technology is currently the mainstream advanced technology to achieve breakthroughs in HJT efficiency, and it will hardly increase the cost of HJT cells. Starting from the HJT cell structure, a new type of HJT solar cell structure is formed by introducing a microcrystalline silicon oxide layer, which is conducive to improving short-circuit current, increasing open-circuit voltage, and comprehensively improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of HJT cells. With the support of the technology, combined with Jinergy's carrier transport metallization design and interface quality optimization technology, the mass production efficiency can exceed more than 25% under the combined action of several solutions.

Jinergy always insists on technological innovation to lead industrial progress, and actively promotes the research and development process of HJT with its value chain partners. Jinergy works hard in the field of HJT technology research and development, identifies breakthroughs in equipment, raw materials, and processes, develops independent intellectual property rights, optimizes processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and plays an application demonstration role.

Dr. YANG Liyou, General Manager of Jinergy, said that the upgrade of HJT technology's ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency will be more competitive in the next stage of N-type technology outbreak. In the future, Jinergy will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with "like-minded" value chain partners to accelerate the upgrade of HJT mass production efficiency while promoting the large-scale development of GW-level HJT, and accelerate the marketization of HJT technology and products, laying a solid foundation for the next generation of technology.