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Jinergy launches "lightweight" solar modules, which improves the convenience of installation, operation and maintenance

In order to better meet the diverse needs of customers, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("Jinergy") has launched lightweight solar modules. On the premise of ensuring efficiency, lightweight modules can greatly reduce the difficulty of installation, operation and maintenance, provide customers with more convenient photovoltaic installation experience, and create a differentiated upgrade route of photovoltaic product.

As the proportion of large-size solar modules gradually increases in the market, the weight of the complete PV system (module + bracket) is also continuing to increase, which raises higher requirements for load-bearing capacity of roofs. For safety reasons, some houses and industrial and commercial roofs that cannot meet the load-bearing requirements need to be reinforced to install PV systems, thus increasing the system cost and time cost of users and hindering the large-scale promotion of photovoltaic clean energy.

Jinergy's lightweight module technology emerges in response to this demand; This technology enables the modules to inherit the excellent characteristics of traditional modules while keeping the original performance of the module unchanged, uses 30mm frame and 2.0mm semi-tempered glass to meet the test requirements of existing conventional hail, snow load and wind load, and can also increase the light absorption rate and improve the heat dissipation performance of the modules. While reducing the weight of modules, it ensures the safety of the system, reduces the requirements for load-bearing buildings, and is more convenient for handling and installation. Therefore, it is suitable for various installation scenarios such as household, industrial and commercial distributed, and large-scale ground solar power plants.

At present, PV industry are now blooming in multi-dimensional fields such as industry, construction, agriculture, and transportation, enabling more traditional industries to achieve low-carbon transformation. As driven by this trend of integration, the high practicability of Jinergy's lightweight modules is more in line with the market demand, for its unique high adaptability and ease of installation reduce the difficulty of introducing PV modules to complex application environments and make customers more willing to install, which is of great significance to improve the development of clean energy.

Jinergy always puts its customers at the center of its business; the new lightweight products have multiple advantages, accurately match the diverse needs of the market, and bring a better decarbonization experience to customers at home and abroad. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in scientific research, improve the ecosystem of photovoltaic products, and ultimately bring better benefits to our customers.