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Jinergy focus on HJT innovation system, "1 + N" gives PV more possibilities

Since the carbon neutrality goal is put forward, a series of plans require the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, which greatly promotes the upgrading of the new energy industry.The latest policy shows that in order to promote the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the China will successively release carbon peak implementation plans and a series of supporting and safeguard measures in key areas and industries, and build a carbon peak and carbon neutral "1 N" policy system, The content includes optimizing the energy structure, developing circular economy, and promoting green and low-carbon technological innovation.

The "1 + N" policy system is a major initiative for China to fulfill its carbon neutrality commitment and points out the direction for the development of new energy industry.The new system has given birth to a new format of diversified green development for photovoltaic enterprises. Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("Jinergy") actively responds to the China's carbon neutrality requirements, taking the "1 N" policy system as a reference, and summarizes the "1 N" with Jinergy characteristics. "The development system-that is, centering on high-efficiency HJT technology as the core, multi-dimensional strategic layout is carried out to comprehensively help the high-quality realization of carbon neutrality.


HJT as the core to promote the iterative upgrading of the industry.

At present, the P-type cell technology widely used in the PV industry is close to the efficiency limit, and the trend of iteration to N-type technology is becoming more and more obvious.As the first PV enterprise to lay out N-type cell technology, Jinergy has achieved fruitful results in the field of N-type HJT.At present, the average mass production efficiency of the company's HJT cell has reached 24.4%, and this data will continue to improve by optimizing the cleaning process, texturing process, CVD, TCO parameters and other means.The Jinergy focuses on low-cost silver-clad copper technology, which can reduce the overall cost of silver paste by about 20%-50%. This is of great significance for large-scale mass production of HJT. The reliability of this technology has been verified on the production line., Lengthening reliability experiments are being carried out.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of the Jinergy, once said: "The temperature coefficient of HJT is far lower than PERC, and its stability is trustworthy. The bifaciality of HJT can reach about 93%. The superimposed N-type non degradation characteristic can increase the power generation per watt on one side by about 17%, bringing higher power generation revenue to customers.On the whole, the overall performance of the HJT is more excellent, and it is a future technology with the potential to promote the iterative upgrading of the PV industry."


Expand the global sales network and establish a new international image of China's new energy brand.

Jinergy sales footprint all over the world, providing high-efficiency and high-quality solar module to nearly 30 countries and regions.In the first half of this year, with the blessing of super high efficiency HJT technology, Jinergy has established cooperative relations with overseas customers in Cyprus, France, Chile, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries to improve its own sales network and accelerate the global layout of enterprises.

At the same time, the high-efficiency value of HJT has won unanimous praise from overseas customers, laying a good foundation for in-depth cooperation in the future.The Jinergy promotion of the high-efficiency value of clean energy benefits global customers. It not only demonstrates China's "smart manufacturing" technology leadership and high-quality service level, but also demonstrates the innovative confidence of Chinese PV companies and establishes a new international image of China's new energy brand.


Integrate into the world's green and low-carbon development system and export China's power for the global energy transformation.

Looking at the world, carbon neutrality is not a single task of a certain country, but a global proposition that all regions of the world must face.However, in the process of realization, we also need to face up to objective barriers such as unbalanced development and inconsistent requirements between countries.This requires new energy companies to promote clean energy while enhancing their own green production level, in order to better integrate into the world's low-carbon development system and realize their mission value.

France's carbon footprint is one of the most stringent certifications in Europe, and once became the biggest barrier for Chinese PV companies to integrate into the European market.In May this year, Jinergy passed a series of requirements of the "CRE4 Rules" of the French Energy Regulatory Commission and successfully obtained the French carbon footprint certification, speeding up the opening up of the European market. In July, some high-efficiency products of Jinergy successfully obtained TUV Nord, EU and CE certification. This authoritative recognition is not only applicable to Europe, but also unimpeded in the global market.

Jinergy give full play to the high-efficiency advantages of HJT structure, implement the concept of sustainable development, enhance its own green development level, actively integrate into the world's green and low-carbon development system, and take efficient technology as the core drive to export Chinese power for the global energy transformation.