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Jinergy in Dubai World Expo Shanxi Week "Cloud Promotion": HJT Helps International Energy Cooperation HJT; Jinergy; LCOE

On November 8, the Shanxi Week of the China Pavilion of the 2020 Dubai World Expo opened grandly at the main venue of Taiyuan. The theme of this event is "opportunity, innovation and cooperation".Representatives from South Korea, Northern Europe, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Shanxi companies, large provincial groups and other enterprises, representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce, leaders of relevant departments, etc., attended the event through online and offline "cloud interaction”.Jinergy was invited to introduce mass production of HJT technology on-site.

He Tiancai, vice governor of Shanxi Province, said in his opening speech: "as China's first pilot province for energy revolution reform, Shanxi Province will be built into a pilot area for comprehensive reform of the national energy revolution in the next five years, implement the consensus on international energy cooperation, and contribute to promoting the green transformation of the world's energy structure and economic type, and realize sustainable development."

During the "Energy Cloud Promotion" session, Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of the Jinergy, delivered a live speech on the theme of "HJT Technology Leading the Innovation Progress of PV Industry", presenting the leading achievements of Shanxi's new energy enterprises, demonstrating the innovation level of China's PV industry, promoting the landing of large-scale international energy cooperation projects, and helping the transformation of Shanxi's energy revolution.

Dr. Liyou Yang said: "Since the carbon peak and carbon neutrality target was put forward, all regions of the world have actively invested in the construction of green energy, and the PV industry has ushered in new opportunities for rapid development.As the first domestic enterprise to commercialize HJT technology, Jinergy focuses on cost reduction of HJT technology, promotes the reduction of paste through technological transformation, and optimizes the application of TCO target material to improve utilization and low-cost target material application.Jinergy is also focusing on low-cost silver-clad copper technology, which can reduce the overall cost of silver paste by about 20%-50%. At present, the reliability of this technology has been verified on the production line, and lengthened reliability experiments are being carried out.

The data of Jinergy power station shows that the degradation of HJT module in the first year is greatly reduced compared with regular modules, and the temperature coefficient and bifaciality are optimized significantly. The power generation per watt of HJT module can be increased by about 17%, which has obvious effects on the reduction of LCOE and operation and maintenance costs.The three major targets of Jinergy in the near future are: to reach the conversion efficiency of 25%, to reduce the cost of the HJT to the same level as the mainstream PERC, to reduce CAPEX of HJT to  less than 0.3 billion RMB per GW.

Up to now, Jinergy has provided high-efficiency and high-quality solar modules to more than 30 countries and regions, with a cumulative supply of more than 7GW in the global market.In the first half of this year, high-efficiency HJT modules were shipped to Cyprus, France, Chile, Spain, Bulgaria and other overseas markets.