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Jinergy Joins Hands with Shaanxi Luonan to Build Comprehensive Demonstration Project of PV+ Agriculture + Tourism

The 100MW PV agriculture and tourism comprehensive utilization demonstration project in Luonan, Shaanxi Province has been attracting local media attention since its connection to grid, highlighting the value of PV and industrial integration. Jinergy has supplied 22.7MW high-efficiency PERC bifacial double-glass solar modules for the project, helping to adjust the energy structure in Luonan region, and high-yield PV products to promote the consolidation and development of rural revitalization projects.

It is reported that the project was undertaken by China Shuifa Industrial Energy Group and was included in the Shaanxi Provincial Key Project in 2021. It has received strong support from the province, city, and county levels to ensure the smooth construction of the project.The project 100% uses PV clean energy to provide green power for modern agricultural planting and sightseeing tourism reception in the factory area, forming a comprehensive utilization model of "PV agriculture and tourism", maximizing the benefit per unit land area, and seeking greater environmental and economic benefits for local people.

The 22.7MW high-efficiency PERC bifacial double-glass modules provided by Jinergy adopts M6 wafer and are equipped with half-cut and MBB technology, which can greatly improve the reliability of the modules and effectively reduce loss, providing higher and more lasting power output for the project.In addition, the double glass module has the advantages of long life cycle, low degradation rate, weather resistance, high fire resistance, easy cleaning, high power generation efficiency, etc., which can effectively save the project investment cost and increase the return on investment.

At present, the development of China PV industry must not only meet the long-term needs of carbon neutrality, but also carry national-level strategies such as "rural revitalization", "PV poverty alleviation", and "Belt and Road Energy Cooperation". It is the core engine of building a new green and low-carbon circular development economic system. Jinergy is leading industrial upgrading with technological innovation, continue to invest in research and development resources, provide the market with more economical and environmentally friendly PV products, and help the coordinated development of carbon neutrality and China economic construction.