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Jinergy High Efficiency Module Help Shaanxi Luonan Photovoltaic Agriculture and Sightseeing Tourism Project

Recently, good news came from the Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. that the company will provide 22.7MW high-efficiency PERC bifacial solar modules for the comprehensive utilization demonstration project of photovoltaic agriculture and photovoltaic sightseeing tourism in Luonan, Shaanxi.

The project is located in Luonan County, Shaanxi Province, covering an area of 2700 acres. It uses solar photovoltaic power generation without pollution and zero emission characteristics, organically combines photovoltaic technology with modern agriculture, sightseeing and tourism, and grows Chinese medicinal materials, vegetables, and fruits under the solar power plant, developing a new business model of "efficient agriculture, clean energy, sightseeing and tourism", promote the three-dimensional comprehensive utilization of land resources, and achieve multiple benefits.

The installed capacity of the project is 100MW, and Jinergy provides 22.7MW high-efficiency PERC bifacial modules for the project.The module uses M6 wafer and adopts half-cut and MBB technology, which can greatly improve the reliability of the module and effectively reduce the loss, thus providing higher and long-lasting power output for the project. In addition, the bifacial module has the advantages of long life cycle, low degradation rate, weather resistance, high fire resistance, easy cleaning, high power generation efficiency and so on, which can save the project investment cost.