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Jinergy HJT Module Receives TÜV NORD Certificate

Jinergy becomes the first M6 wafer HJT module supplier

Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd ("Jinergy") officially announced that its super high efficiency heterojunction (HJT) module has received TÜV NORD Certificate. Jinergy, therefore, becomes the first PV manufacturer offering M6(166mm) wafer HJT products in the market.

According to a recent research report on HJT technology, Heterojunction Solar Technology 2020, presented by Taiyang News, Jinergy offers the highest module power output among main HJT module manufacturers.

Jinergy's HJT production line started commercial operation in 2017 and Jinergy is one of the first PV manufacturers to commercialize HJT modules in China. Jinergy's HJT module receives the first new IEC certificate in the world and is also listed in DEWA and JPAC. 

Jinergy's Phase II 100MW HJT production line went into operation at the end of June this year. Deploying M6 wafer, MBB as well as half-cut technology, bifacial power output of the new generation HJT module can reach 570W. The first batch of Jinergy M6 HJT modules has been shipped to a price-bidding solar project in Qinghai Province, northwestern China. According to the latest data from Jinergy, the average HJT cell efficiency of Jinergy has reached 24%.

"We feel honored that our HJT products are recognized by third party certification authority. Confronting energy restructuring and FiT reduction, higher efficiency, lower initial investment and higher reliability will be the key factors to reduce LCOE, the widely used standard to evaluate investment of PV power stations. With excellent temperature coefficient, excellent low light performance, bifacial power generation and extremely low degradation HJT will be key driving high efficiency technology to grid parity." said Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy. "We are  also studying the possibility of combining HJT with perovskite and IBC. We will continue to invest in R&D for cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the global renewable energy market with the most advanced and reliable products."