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Jinergy’s High Efficiency Polycrystalline Modules Assisted the Successful Grid Connection of the 250MW Photovoltaic Bidding Project

On December 28, the full capacity of Tianzhen 70MW photovoltaic power generation biding project of Jinneng Group was connected to the grid, becoming one of the first batch of photovoltaic bidding projects in Shanxi Province in 2019, the first registered and the first full capacity grid-connected power generation project of provincial enterprises, and adding new force for the development of clean energy in Shanxi Province. On December 30, the full capacity of Shanyin 80MW photovoltaic power generation bidding project of Jinneng Group was connected to the grid. On December 31, the full capacity of Huairen 100MW photovoltaic power generation bidding project of Jinneng Group was also connected to the grid.

It is reported that the three photovoltaic power bidding projects all use Jinergy’s high-efficiency polycrystalline modules. The modules adopt advanced hydrogen passivation post-treatment technology and three-layer film coating technology, enjoying good anti-attenuation performance.Compared with conventional high efficiency polycrystalline modules, Jinergy’s high efficiency polycrystalline modules enjoy such advantages as higher power, lower degradation and higher rate of return on investment, and have been applied in a number of leading projects. Among them, in the operation of Datong first-phase photovoltaic power generation application top-runner base in Shanxi Province, the degradation of Jinergy’s high-efficiency polycrystalline modules in monthly empirical monitoring is far lower than the standard stipulated in the bidding documents.

As the top runner of photovoltaic manufacturing, through continuously increasing investment and efforts in research and development, Jinergy has realized the layout of three generations of advanced technologies including high efficiency polycrystalline module, high efficiency PERC monocrystalline module and super high efficiency HJT module, and successfully ranked world’s top 5% enterprises that manufacture cells and modules with technological and cost competitiveness. Recently, Jinergy was awarded the high efficiency solar energy photoelectric conversion engineering technology research center in Shanxi Province by virtue of its advantages in product layout, technological innovation and other aspects.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, said, “The successful grid connection of these three photovoltaic bidding projects marks another solid step for Jinneng Group in its journey to build a first-class clean energy group. As an advanced manufacturing enterprise in the clean energy sector of Jinneng Group, Jinergy will continue to adhere to the strategy of technology iteration, continuously increase the investment and efforts in innovation and R&D, and promote the high-quality development of the energy industry.”