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Jinergy: Plan Advanced Technology Route and Expand Overseas Market

On December 5, Chinese Annual PV Industry Conference and Innovative Development Summit Forum were held in Shenzhen. Bohua Wang, deputy president and secretary general of Chinese PV Industry Association, made a deep analysis of Chinese PV industry development in 2019. He pointed out that, “although the installation and performance of domestic PV market is not as good as expected, every link of our PV industry has realized stable development. It is estimated that the total export amount will exceed USD 20 billion in 2019. With the arrival of grid parity era, PV industry will accelerate the integration and the industry concentration ratio will be higher and higher.”

Dr. Liyou Yang, the general manager of Jinergy, also said that, “With the arrival of parity-to-be era, PV industry is more intensive and professional. Jinergy can perform better as long as maintaining its leadership in scale and technology. The development is also rapid even for a single technology. For example, the current PERC product line is higher compared with that of half a year or one year ago. It is the best opportunity to enhance capacity and upgrade process.”

Top technology route of three generations, and the capacity will improve substantially

As the wind vane of PV industry, Jinergy has realized the layout of three generations of advanced technologies including high-efficiency polycrystalline module, high-efficiency monocrystalline module and super high-efficiency HJT module, successfully ranking world’s top 5% enterprises that manufacture cells and modules with technological and cost competitiveness. The average efficiency of super high-efficiency HJT module has reached 23.85% and is estimated to reach 24% at the end of the year. On the other hand, the power of the fourth-generation HJT double-side module superimposing large silicon wafer, MBB and half-slice technology will reach 530W.

At present, Jinergy owns two manufacturing bases, Wenshui and Jinzhong, with the total capacity of 2.2GW, among which the HJT capacity is 100MW. It is estimated that Jinergy will increase capacity by 2.3GW, thus the total capacity will reach 4.5GW.

As for the plan on how to achieve additional 2.3GW capacity, Dr. Liyou Yang said, “New cell manufacturing capacity will share the factory space with the existing factories in Shanxi. We have prepared the industrial park, only waiting for the delivery date. The company will constantly introduce the most advanced technology and equipment to produce more efficient and lower cost products.”

Expand overseas market and build core competence

IRENA estimated that the global solar installation capacity will reach 2.48TW by 2030, and 8.5TW by 2050. Influenced by policy and supply chain, Netherland, Spain, Ukraine and other overseas markets are better than expected in 2019, while Japan and Indian markets remain strong.

Jinergy takes the advantage of advanced module technology and abundant overseas experience to build good reputation among large-scale Indian companies and its clients. India has become one of the most important overseas markets of Jinergy with more than 1GW accumulated shipment. In addition, Jinergy’s high-efficiency products have been marketed to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

Dr. Liyou Yang said, “With the introduction of favorable policies and continuous decrease of electricity cost, the future PV industry will be promising. We will follow the newest industry policy closely and constantly devoted to research and innovation of high-efficiency technology. We will use diversified products to satisfy market requirements both at home and abroad and expand overseas market share and the international influence of PV manufacturing industry”