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Jinergy Awarded the “Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise in 2019”

On November 25, Shanxi Province released the list of “Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprises in 2019”.By virtue of its precise technical route planning and intelligent manufacturing level, Jinergy was awarded the “Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise in 2019”.

In the pacesetter industry of intelligent transformation, how to integrate intelligent technology into the technological process has always been the problem that Jinergy considers. Since 2016, Jinergy has taken the lead in the layout. It has selected predictive analysis, intelligent factory and digital design simulation technology as the focus of its intelligent manufacturing, systematized all businesses that can be digitized, used the Internet to realize platform operation of business, and integrated the sales side and supply chain side. Moreover, it has enhanced the differentiated competitiveness of enterprise technology and operation level in the industry through AI and realize intelligent transformation.

At present, Jinergy has digitized the data equipment of all production lines; the coverage rate of automatic production line has also been increased to more than 90%, and the detection accuracy of equipment has reached 99%. Through data mining, the yield and production efficiency of autolysis process have been significantly improved, and the expected improvement targets of diffusion process and PEC yield have also been achieved. In addition, it has also realized equipment monitoring, early warning and other functions.

Relying on the introduction of intelligent manufacturing technology, Jinergy has made rapid breakthrough in the mass production of super high efficicency HJT. At present, the average efficiency of HJT cell has reached 23.85%. It is expected that the average efficiency of mass production will reach 24% by the end of this year, far ahead of similar products in the industry.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, said, “Thanks to the forward-looking layout and application in the intelligent manufacturing field, we have built up our unique differentiated competitiveness and realized the intelligent transformation of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in Shanxi. This honor is an affirmation of the company’s technological innovation and research strength. In the future, we will accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, promote the supply-side structural reform of manufacturing industry in our province, create new competitive advantages of manufacturing industry, and contribute to the realization of a strong manufacturing province.”