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Jinergy Won the “Enterprise Technology Innovation Award of Shanxi Province” for Driving Grid Parity with Innovative Technology

In order to reward individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress activities in Shanxi Province, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological work, and deepen the implementation of the innovation-driven and talent-driven strategy, the 2018 Science and Technology Award of Shanxi Province was officially announced recently. Jinergy was awarded the “Enterprise Technology Innovation Award” of Shanxi Province in 2018 for its significant scientific and technological achievements in independent research and development and outstanding contributions to the transformation development of Shanxi Province.

At present, Jinergy has realized the layout of three generations of advanced technologies including highefficiency polycrystalline module, highefficiency monocrystalline module and super highefficiency HJT module, and successfully ranked among the cell and module production enterprises with the world’s top 5% most technological and cost competitiveness. In terms of R&D of super highefficiency HJT, Jinergy has achieved stable mass production. The average efficiency of HJT cell has reached 23.85%, and the highest efficiency has reached 24.73%, with the bifaciality of up to 93%, far ahead of similar products in the industry.

Because of the unique N-type bifacial cell structure, high-reliability double-glass structure, Jinergy’s super high efficiency HJT module owns multiple advantages, including excellent low light performance, low temperature coefficient, ultra-low degradation and bifacial power generation. Compared with conventional high-efficiency modules, the overall power generation of HJT has been increased by 44%, achieving the lowest LCOE in all aspects.

Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, said, “This award is a recognition of our innovative photovoltaic module technology. In the future, we will always follow the technology strategy of iterative development, vigorously conduct layout in the filed of high-end and intelligent photovoltaic technology, bring efficient and reliable green power generation solutions to the industry, and facilitate the global energy structure transformation.”