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Jinergy Won the “2019 Module Technology Breakthrough Award”

On November 15, the 4th China Photovoltaic Innovation Forum(CPIF) was held in Beijing. Jinergy was awarded the “2019 Module Technology Breakthrough Award” for its innovative breakthrough in the field of HJT. This is another honor the company has won following the “Top-runner of the Photovoltaic Heterojunction Module Industry in 2018” and the “Golden Module” Award of the 2019 Photovoltaic Technology Trend Award.

As the first domestic manufacturer to realize mass production of HJT, Jinergy has broken the domestic pattern of low production and operation level and led the industry reform. Through continuous efforts in technology innovation and development, the company has increased the average efficiency of HJT modules to 23.85%, and the average efficiency of mass production is expected to reach 24% by the end of this year. The bifacial power of Jinergy’s fourth-generation HJT module superimposing large silicon wafer, MBB and half-slice technology will reach 530W.

According to the forecast of ITRPV, the market share of HJT cells will increase from 2% in 2018 to 15% in 2029. “The main barrier for promoting HJT is still the price,” said Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, “the amount of silver paste used in HJT cell is about five times that of conventional cells. We intend to reduce the cost of silver paste through the combination of multi-main grid, imbrication and other technologies.Secondly, ITO target materials, velvet additives, CVD and other special equipment also have large cost-reduction space. In addition, we are planning to launch the second HJT production line, including simultaneous launch of the cell side and the module side. Currently, we are carrying out the cost testing through the model machine, which is expected to be confirmed in the second half of 2020.”