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Jinergy: Expectable Prospect of HJT in the New Era of Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

On November 11, the opening ceremony of the 2nd International Workshop on SHJ Solar Cells was held in Chengdu. Technical experts from the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad gathered to discuss the research and development of silicon heterojunction technology (SHJT). As the first domestic manufacturer to realize mass production of HJT, Jinergy was invited to attend the workshop. Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinergy, analyzed and discussed the mass production results of Jinergy’s HJT cell and module.

Dr. Liyou Yang said, “As the photovoltaic industry enters a new era of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, the industry trend of high efficiency is becoming more and more obvious. Among them, HJT cell may become the next wind vane of the photovoltaic industry due to its high efficiency and great cost reduction potential.”

By optimizing the technological processes of silicon wafer, texturing, cleaning and metallization, Jinergy has steadily improved the product efficiency. It is expected that the average mass production efficiency of Jinergy’s HJT cell will reach 24% by the end of this year. Dr. Liyou Yang also pointed out that in view of the high cost, Jinergy is devoting to cost reduction from the aspects of conductive silver pastes, TCO target materials, velvet additives and so on. In the future, with more and more enterprises joining the market of heterojunction, the heterojunction industry chain will develop rapidly to promote the reduction of LCOE and realize gird parity.

While achieving breakthrough in super high efficiency HJT, Jinergy has also harvestedremarkable results in overseas market expansion. At present, Jinergy continues to expand its market in India, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Ukraine, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions. It is expected that Jinergy’s shipments will exceed 2GW by the end of 2019, with the overseas market accounting for 60% of the total.