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JINERGY: Polycrystalline Technology Remain Main Trend Major Breakthrough Made in Ultra High-efficiency Modules

April 7th, 2017, Huangshan, Anhui Province— CTPS 2017 (The 2nd China Solar Power Generation Tracking System Technology Application Seminar), hosted by Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization(PGO), Organizing Committee of AsiaSolar Photovol-taic Innovative Technology & Product Exhibition (AsiaSolar), China Alliance of Solar Tracking Industry(ASTI), and Anhui New Energy Association(ANEA), was held grandly. As the No.1 local PV modules manufacturer in Shanxi Province, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JINERGY) was present in the seminar. Doctor YANG Liyou, general manager of JINERGY, delivered a keynote speech “LCOE Promotes Continuous Progress in Industrialization & Technology”. 



As technologies (such as the black silicon, diamond wire cutting, etc.) become more and more sophisticated, polycrystalline PV modules have a brand-new opportunity for development as well as a huge potential for cost reduction. JINERGY, a PV manufacturer with the world’s top 5% advanced power, has succeeded in overcoming the difficulty in mass production of black silicon high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules. Currently, the company utilized conventional production methods and black silicon technology to produce 275W high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules. As a result, its output has exceeded 50%, which is far above average level in the industry. 

“In terms of the potential for technological improvement, the output power of poly-crystalline PV modules may increase by 5W to 10W per year, and decrease the cost by 5% to 10%. By means of optimized system design, the Performance Ratio (PR) of the system will hopefully rise by 2% to 5% in future. In 2017, with a wider application in polycrystalline diamond wire cutting technology, the cost of polycrystalline PV modules may probably reduce by 5% to 8%”, said YANG Liyou. 

By further exploring the potentials for polycrystalline PV modules, their conversion rate may enhance greatly. YANG Liyou disclosed, “After 275W PV modules were put into mass production in the last quarter of 2016, we are planning a mass production of 280W high-efficiency PV modules in the second quarter this year. They will have a better price/performance ratio than similar monocrystalline products.” 

In addition to the great potential for technology improvement and cost reduction, high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules are integrated with tracking system, icing on the cake for the power station project. YANG Liyou mentioned, “Despite a minor cost increase in BOS resulting from high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules’ combining with the tracking system, the total amount of generation for the project may rise by over 15% accordingly, and the overall ROI of the project will increase significantly.” 

Recently, cost reduction and efficiency improvement has no doubt been a consensus and common goals of PV industry. With the support of diamond wire cutting technology and PERC high-efficiency technology, the monocrystalline PV modules seemed to launch a counter attack, and therefore caused an increase in the demands in the market. “In face of constant pros and cons of monocrystalline PV or polycrystalline PV, and with dramatic changes in both domestic and overseas markets, we always hold that polycrystalline PV modules will be the main trend in the market in the coming years. In the next one or two years, when high-efficiency technology gradually shows its capacity, the polycrystalline PV modules will have a lot of advantages in price performance ratio”, YANG Liyou expressed.

In future, the PV industry of China will become more and more efficient, and modules with high efficiency and high generating capacity will be more competitive in the cost structure of power generating in the future. It is said that JINERGY has made a significant breakthrough in ultra high-efficiency modules, and it plans to show its trump card by launching a fantastic new product in SNEC this year.