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JINERGY: High-efficiency Polycrystalline Made Major Breakthroughs, HJT to be a Game Changer of the Industry

February 16, 2017 saw a grand opening of the Review of PV Industry in 2016 and Prospect in 2017 Seminar hosted by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association in Beijing.  Many big names like  Wang Weiwei (Head of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Xing Yiteng (Deputy Researcher of the New Energy Department of the National Energy Administration), Liu Hongbo (Head of China Development Bank Accreditation First Group),  attended the Seminar and delivered speeches. Nearly 500 insiders from China Photovoltaic Industry Association, related industries, research institutes, consulting agencies and  financial sectors gathered and review China's PV industry chain in 2016 and discussed the new trend in 2017. Dr. Yang Liyou, General Manager of Jinergy Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (JINERGY), the leading PV module manufacturer in Shanxi was formally invited to the Seminar and delivered a keynote speech on “LCOE Drives Continuous Development of Industrialization Technology”.

At the Seminar, Wang Bohua, Secretary-General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said, "2016 witnessed prosperous development of our PV industry and the steady growth of industrial scale, effective improved enterprise capacity utilization as well as significant improved profitability. Meanwhile, industrial technology level made sequential breakthroughs and our Chinese enterprises broke the world record for many times. The industrialization process of advanced scientific research results was also significantly accelerated. In 2017, the Top Runner Program will continue to advance PERC, black silicon and other leading technology, promote scale application of N duplex, HJT, semi-chip and other super high-efficiency cell technology and self-cleaning material."


"Under the cumulated influence of the lower grid electricity price, subsidies defaults, limited PV power output, gradual increasing land use cost and other factors, China's PV enterprises are confronted with increasing difficulties and challenges. However, it is certain that the PV industry also follows its own "Moore's Law". With the continuous expansion of industrial demands, it will greatly promote the progress of technology and drive the continuous decline in cost, thus forming a positive feedback of the whole industry." said Dr. Yang.


In view of the scarcity of high-efficiency modules, serious attenuation of PV modules, frequent complaints of modules quality and other series of industrial trigger points in current industry, JINERGY launched three cutting-edge technology products of high-efficiency polycrystalline, PERC monocrystalline and ultra-efficiency HJT, achieving the major breakthroughs in high-efficiency power generation technology. At present, the high-efficiency polycrystalline products developed and produced by JINERGY boast excellent PID performance with PID measured values of less than 1%; Meanwhile, through the use of leading Gallium doped silicon wafer technology, light attenuation in modules has been greatly solved, and further enhance the upgrading of power generation and system efficiency in full life circle. The high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules produced by JINERGY, using conventional technology, have successfully surpassed the Top Runner Program standards and reached 275W.


So far, JINERGY 275W high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules feature output ratio of 50%. "With the bulk import of polycrystalline gold wire cutting technology, it is expected that the high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules will achieve mass production of 280W high-power products by the second quarter of 2017, and the module cost will fall by 5% to 8%," said Dr. Yang.

HJT technology made initial breakthroughs which might over-set the supply chain of the whole industry 

According to the EnergyTrend, after years of rapid growth in demands for solar energy, industrial demands in 2017 may present a zero growth trend. Over-supply may cause the market to reproduce the price disorder, the unit price may fall by more than 10% for the whole year, and upstream polysilicon, silicon, cell low prices are likely to hit a new low. Therefore, in face of the 2017 industrial downturn, the major photovoltaic enterprises are all taking the reduction in cost as their primary goal.

In all kinds of innovation of high-efficient technologies, HJT has become a potential solution for lower cost and higher efficiency. It is known that HJT technology boasts more than 21% of the single-sided power generation efficiency, ultra-low attenuation of 0.5% in the first year and 0.4 in the following years, ultra-low power temperature coefficient, better low-light power generation performance and duplex power generation abilities and other multiple advantages, no wonder the potential great value of this revolutionary technology gains so much attention from the investors.

Dr. Yang said, "As a leader in cutting-edge technology of the industry, this year JINERGY aims to make first breakthrough in HJT high-efficiency technology research and development and the power rate of 72 pieces of modules is expected to reach more than 360W and duplex power generation will enhance power generation capacity of more than 20%, thus further highlighting the price edge. It is expected to achieve grid connection around 2020. By the end of 2018, the total production capacity of JINERGY will exceed 3GW,  mainly consisting of high-efficiency and ultra-efficiency modules.”