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Top Runner Program Urging Technology Revolution JINERGY 275W/330W Black Silicon High-efficiency Polycrystalline PV Modules Achieve Mass Production

Since the beginning of 2017, the PV power generation technology, focusing on efficiency and reliability usually, has been presenting a diversified and sophisticated trend. This reflects the fact that PV industry insiders have become increasingly aware that the high efficiency is the basis of sustainable healthy development in the industry and the decline in LCOE.

In the recently-held China PV Top Runner Innovation Conference, Dr. Yang Liyou, General Manager of Jinergy Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("JINERGY") predicted, “In the future, some promising power generation technologies with higher transfer efficiency will be put into more industrial applications, which will undoubtedly include the black silicon technology that can be applied to the production of polycrystalline PV modules.”

As a leading enterprise with 5% of global advanced PV capacity, JINERGY has made significant breakthroughs in the mass production of black silicon high-efficiency polycrystalline PV modules.   Its 275W/330W output ratio has reached up to 50%, far ahead of the industry average level. "In the first half of 2017, it will exceed 80%; in the second half, 280W/335W modules will achieve mass output.” said Dr. Yang.

Such achievement, in Dr. Yangs opinion, can be attributed to the Company's strength and the "PV Top Runner Program" as well. "In the process of mass production, the Program played an important role in promoting the maturity of the technology. For the technology from the cultivation phase to mass production, the demonstration of the Top Runner Program has greatly promoted it to cross the technical threshold and eventually to reduce the LCOE.