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Sino-US Energy Giants Join Hands to Accelerate the Coming of Grid Parity Era for Photovoltaic Power Generation; Jinneng Group Co., Ltd. Cooperates with SunEdison to Develop the Efficient Solar Cells & Modules Technology of N-type Mono-crystalline Silicon H

Recently, Jinneng Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinneng Group”) has announced that it will construct a strategic alliance with SunEdison - the world's largest clean energy developer to jointly develop the n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells & modules with mass production capability, thus promoting the cost of photovoltaic power generation to be decreased by 20% or above. 

The groundbreaking ceremony of production base, which is bearing the pilot and mass production in the joint development project of the technology, was held on February 24, 2016 in Jinzhong Automobile Equipment Industry Park, Shanxi province; Vice Governor of Shanxi province, FU Jianhua, Chairman of Jinneng Group, WANG Qirui, General Manager of Jinneng Group, LI Guobiao, and President of SunEdison Solar Materials, Mr. David Ranhoff and representatives of interested parties attended this ceremony. 

This base is the second manufacturing base of efficient photovoltaic cells & modules with substantial capital invested by Jinneng Group, following the successful construction, expansion of Wenshui 1.2GW production base of efficient polycrystalline silicon cells & modules. Phase I of Jinzhong base will construct the pilot and mass production plant of 500 MW n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells & modules; Phase II will construct the mass production plant of 1.5GW n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells & modules, so that the production capacity of efficient cells & modules at this base will come up to 2GW. Plus the 1.2GW high efficiency capacity at Wenshui base, Jinneng Goup, with a total production capacity of 3.2GW for efficient cells & modules, can firmly occupy the position as the world leader in photovoltaic manufacturing in terms of technology leadership and capacity. This is another major investment of Jinneng Group in the implementation of the transformation, upgrading and development strategy of "build the world's top 5% most advanced PV manufacturing capacity". 

With the completion and operation of this base, both upstream and downstream supporting industries will gather in Shanxi province, forming a clean energy equipment manufacturing cluster with an annual production value of tens of billions of RMB, further accelerating the technological progress and cost reduction throughout the industry chain. 

The n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell technology jointly developed by Jinneng Group and SunEdison is featured by low temperature, low energy consumption in manufacturing process, high efficiency, no light-induced degradation, no PID, double-sided power generation; the efficiency of mass-produced cells can stably reach over 22%, and will be gradually increased to 25%. Currently, it’s accepted in the industry that the n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell not only has the advantage of high efficiency, but also, the generated energy of single module can reach as high as 20% compared to the conventional technology; however, its high manufacturing cost is a fatal weakness, preventing it from becoming the mainstream of market. Once the difficulties of low-cost, mass production are overcome, the n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar products will overturn the market leadership of current mainstream, mono-crystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar products, which can reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation by 20% or above. 

Chief Engineer of Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd.  Dr. YANG Liyou said, "The project of efficient n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells & modules is an important project for Jinneng Group to implement the 'High Carbon Resources & Low Carbon Development, Black Coal & Green Development' strategy of Shanxi provincial government, build the integrated energy group and achieve the transformation leapfrog development, which conforms to the strategy of Jinneng Group featured by technological iteration, intelligent production, and flexible manufacturing in solar manufacturing field. We are very happy to cooperate with SunEdison - the world's largest clean energy developer to accelerate the development and mass production process of efficient n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells & modules. Following the objective of "Commencement, Construction, Operation and Benefit Realized in the Same Year" achieved in 2014 at Wenshui base, we are confident in the Jinzhong base for further success. The n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar products have significant advantage in efficiency and cost, and are an important part of our technical strategy of production, testing and research & development, and also are the guarantee of our leading technology in the future.” 

President of SunEdison Solar Energy Material, Mr. David Ranhoff said, "As a new enterprise in photovoltaic manufacturing industry, Jinneng Group, with the unique insights of the integrated energy group, takes only one year to realize large-scale mass production and delivery of hundreds of megawatts of efficient polycrystalline silicon solar cell technology with an average efficiency of 18.7%, which fully demonstrates the strong mass production-oriented R&D capability of Jinneng Group, and the excellent implementation force in lean manufacturing, cost & quality control. SunEdison hopes to combine the excellent development & manufacturing capability of Jinneng Group with the global power station development capacity of SunEdison through this cooperation, promote the n-type mono-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar products with price close to the polycrystalline silicon solar products using conventional process and power gain over 20% to the world, accelerating the cost reduction of solar power generation to welcome clean energy era.” 


About Jinneng Group 

Jinneng Group is a large state-owned integrated energy group merged and reorganized with the original Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi International Electricity Group Limited Company; its business covers a wide range of areas of coal, electricity, clean energy, trade logistics, equipment manufacturing, real estate, etc. 

In the "13th Five-year Plan " period, China's economic development has entered a new normal featured by speed change, structure optimization and power conversion, Jinneng Group, with conformation to the overall situation of reform, has proposed the "1255" development strategy: i.e. "To integrate & optimize diversified industries based on coal, electricity and clean energy and supported by trade logistics; to change the development concept, and development mode for the purpose of creating the first-class comprehensive energy group, and advance safe development, innovative development, green development, harmonious development and shared development; to construct a safe, innovative, green, effective and harmonious Jinneng.” 

By the end of "13th Five-year Plan ", Jinneng Group is expected to achieve a production capacity of 100 million tons of coal, 15 million kW installed capacity of thermal power, 5 GW installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power, 200 million tons of coal trade volume; the diversified industries has formed such sectors as equipment manufacturing, real estate, hotel and tourism etc., to achieve an annual revenue of 150 billion Yuan and tax of 10 billion Yuan. 

For more details, please visit www.jinnengjt.com 



About SunEdison

SunEdison is the largest global renewable energy development company and is transforming the way energy is generated, distributed, and owned around the world. The company develops, finances, installs, owns and operates renewable power plants, delivering predictably priced electricity to its residential, commercial, government and utility customers. SunEdison is one of the world's largest renewable energy asset managers and provides customers with asset management, operations and maintenance, monitoring and reporting services. Corporate headquarters are in the United States with additional offices and technology manufacturing around the world. SunEdison's common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "SUNE." 

To learn more visit www.sunedison.com