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Jinergy will ship HJT modules to Spain

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("Jinergy") announced that the company has successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known Spanish PV system supplier. The Spanish partner will purchase Jinergy HJT modules for local distributed PV projects.The partner affirm the high quality and efficiency of Jinergy HJT modules, and hope to take this agreement as an opportunity to carry out all-round and multi-level cross regional cooperation in the future.

As one of the five largest PV markets in Europe, Spain's installed demand has increased rapidly in recent years.According to data from the energy analysis agency Argus, Spain's new installed capacity for PV power generation will be 2.8GW in 2020.The agency predicts that Spain's cumulative PV installed capacity will reach 62.4GW in 2050.For the next 30 years, the annual new PV installation is conservatively estimated at 1.7-2.3GW.

Facing the huge and stable market gap in Spain, Jinergy give full play to overseas market development experience, support efficient and high-quality HJT products, demonstrate the innovative strength and advanced solutions of enterprises, and seek more international cooperation opportunities.The HJT modules purchased by the customer use M6 size wafers, and cell conversion efficiency exceeds 24%.In addition to the excellent low light response, ultra-low temperature coefficient, ultra-low degradation and other advantages of the HJT module, the 120-cell half-cut module is convenient for transportation and installation, and is more suitable for household distributed systems.

Jinergy has previously successfully shipped HJT products to Japan, South Korea, Cyprus, France, Chile and other places. The cooperation with Spanish partner means that the territory of HJT products has expanded again, and the recognition of HJT products in overseas PV markets has continued to rise.As the first PV manufacturer to realize HJT mass production in mainland China, Jinergy will continue to give full play to the advantages of technological innovation, increase investment in scientific research, accurately tackle the cost pain points of HJT, provide more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly PV products for customers at home and abroad, and help the world's energy structure green transformation.