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Jinergy successfully shipped HJT modules to Chile

Recently, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("Jinergy") announced the shipment of HJT modules to Chile. The modules were used in a C&I roof model project in Santiago, which was successfully connected to the grid in May this year. The customer affirmed Jinergy products and will continue to carry out more project cooperation in the future.

This is another entry into overseas markets after Jinergy HJT modules are shipped to Japan, South Korea, Cyprus, France and other places, which is conducive to the steady progress of the enterprise's globalization strategy.According to EIA data from the US Energy Information Administration, Chile is the fifth largest energy consumer in South America, with a huge gap in electricity demand.Chile is extremely rich in light resources and is an excellent place for photovoltaic power generation. Under the background of global carbon neutrality, the Chilean government plans to achieve the goal of renewable energy generation accounting for 20% of the total power generation by 2025.Chile is a market depression that needs to be developed urgently and has unlimited potential in the future. 

At present, Jinergy has provided PV modules to nearly 30 countries around the world. Efficient and reliable products are a sharp weapon for Jinergy to open up overseas markets.The HJT modules shipped to the Chilean market use 166mm wafer and deploy industry-advanced half-cut and MBB technology to improve overall reliability and effectively reduce internal losses.The HJT cell based on N-type silicon wafer has multiple advantages such as excellent low light response, ultra-low temperature coefficient and ultra-low degradation. The continuous power generation capacity and product yield of the modules are guaranteed, the LCOE and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, and the overall rate of return of users is further improved.It is with the blessing of efficient module technology that Jinergy has repeatedly won the recognition and trust of international customers, adding another step to the footprint of China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.