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Jinergy Won "Energy Enterprise Innovation Award"

On June 22, the Jinergy attended the "2021 Energy High-quality Development Forum" organized by the "China Energy News" in conjunction with industry authoritative organizations and large state-owned energy enterprises, and joined hands with authoritative academicians, experts, institutions, and enterprises in the energy field at home and abroad to promote energy transformation. With the blessing of efficient technology and innovation route, the Jinergy won the "Energy Enterprise Innovation Award".The purpose of the award is to commend enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to independent innovation, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, industrial structure adjustment, and energy transformation and upgrading.


In 2021, in addition to household use, PV subsidies fully retreat, photovoltaic enterprises officially entered the era of parity Internet access.Carbon neutrality and policy retreat face-to-face, intensifying industry competition, photovoltaic products to reduce the cost of efficiency put forward higher requirements.Jinergy said that HJT is one of the super high efficiency cell technologies that promote further cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of modules. Enterprises continue to focus on the research and development of high-efficiency HJT and have formed a product route with Jinergy characteristics.

Data show that the average mass production efficiency of super high efficiency HJT cell in Jinergy has reached 24.4%. cell efficiency can be further improved by means of cleaning process optimization, texturing process optimization, CVD, TCO parameter optimization, etc.Through the special cost reduction of texturing, target material and silver paste, Jinergy is very confident that the cost of heterogeneous junction will be reduced to the same level as PERC in the future.Jinergy took the lead in laying out low-cost silver-clad copper technology to promote leapfrog reduction in the overall cost of heterojunctions. At present, the technology has passed the 3 times IEC61215 test standard.

At a time when PERC cell are approaching extreme efficiency and N-type technology is about to begin iteration, Jinergy's forward-looking layout has taken the lead in the market.In the future, Jinergy will continue to give full play to the technological advantages of innovative enterprises, adhere to the core strategy of technological iteration, contribute to the sustainable development of China green energy, help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.