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SNEC Superimposed Carbon Neutralization, Jinergy Seize New Opportunities of Photovoltaic with super high efficiency HJT Technology

On June 2, the 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference of SNEC, which attracted the attention of the whole industry, opened in Shanghai.As a technological innovation enterprise, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (Jinergy) attended the 15th global PV leaders dialogue. Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of the Jinergy, took "Jinergy HJT mass production progress" as the theme to share the development opportunities of PV industry and the upgrading route of HJT technology under the background of carbon neutrality.


Dr. Liyou Yang analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the PV industry under the background of carbon neutrality.At present, the transformation of the global energy structure has come to the key layout period, the total amount of PV installation growth is rapid, market demand continues to expand, the whole industrial chain into the expansion of capacity expansion of the high-speed track.In 2020, the output of China PV modules will be about 124.6GW, and the new and cumulative installed capacity will continue to be the first in the world. As a highly competitive industry in the field of new energy, China's PV module is ushering in new development opportunities. 

How to grasp the current development opportunities is the proposition of the times that every photovoltaic enterprise must think about.Specifically, product upgrading and technology iteration are the two basic driving forces for the development of photovoltaic enterprises. The two work together to improve the overall efficiency of products and reduce LCOE. The ultimate goal is to create more benefits for customers.Dr. Liyou Yang said that HJT is a super high efficiency cell technology that can further promote the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Three conditions are required to realize HJT mass production: cell conversion efficiency reaches 24.5%; The cost is less than the 105% of PERC; Equipment investment is lower than 0.3 billion RMB/GW.At present, the average mass production efficiency of super high efficiency HJT cell Jinergy has reached 24.4%. Through cleaning process optimization, texturing process optimization, CVD, TCO parameter optimization and other means, the cell efficiency can be further improved.Through the special cost reduction of texturing, target material and silver paste, Jinergy is very confident that the cost of HJT will be reduced to the same level as PERC in the future.Jinergy took the lead in laying out low-cost silver-clad copper technology and passed the 3 times IEC61215 test standard.

The breakthrough upgrade of the bonus superposition technology of the times Jinergy very confident about the next development. Dr. Liyou Yang said: " During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Jinneng Holding Group will form an integrated production capacity of wafer, PV cell and module, and the production capacity of PV cell and module will reach 20GW.Jinergy will adhere to the core strategy of technology iteration and continue to invest research and development resources to update and more efficient technologies to promote the transformation of the energy structure and help realize the grand vision of carbon neutrality."