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Jinergy were invited to attend the "Five Minors and Six Minors" to demonstrate their strong innovation capability in PERC products.

On April 27, the "Five Minors and Six Minors" Innovation Competition in Lvliang City was held grandly. The "Five Minors" competition mainly consists of small inventions, small creations, small innovations, small designs and small suggestions. The "Six Minors" featuring mass competition, intelligent management, scientific and technological connotation, high-end talents, industrialization of achievements and diversified services. As a technological innovation enterprise, Jinergy was invited to present with the achievements of "optimizing laser application technology for back passivated solar cell (PERC) production.The event has been successfully held for many times, aiming to stimulate the innovation vitality of local enterprises, create a high-quality industrial ecology, and play a positive role in promoting the rapid economic development of Shanxi.

It is reported that this technology has been applied to the latest PERC monocrystalline products in Jinergy.Previously, PERC monocrystalline module have been mature products in the industry, and laser slotting structures, methods, and positive re-doping R & D applications have filled the technical gaps in the market. After the application of these technologies, the conversion efficiency of solar cell has increased by 0.6%. Among them, SE PERC technology has been promoted in the industry and promoted industrial development.Jinergy PERC monocrystalline module use Ga-doped silicon wafers, which can effectively reduce LID and LeTID problems, combined with MBB and half-cut technology, the reliability of the modules is improved.Jinergy also introduced PERC bifacial module. Under different environments, backside of the module can generate 5%-25% of additional power generation. At the same time, the module can choose transparent backsheet, which are lightweight and easy to install.

For being invited to participate in this event, Jinergy said that they will continue to focus on technological innovation, continue to gather the strength of Shanxi enterprises, develop high-efficiency technologies in leading industries, promote the high-quality development of Shanxi's clean energy, and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.