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Jinergy won the "Technology Leading Enterprise Award" and "Golden module Award"

On April 22, the third solar cell and module development trend and reliability technology seminar was held in Beijing. Representatives of many industry leaders and experts from authoritative associations gathered together to have in-depth exchanges on the development prospects and innovation directions of high-efficiency module technology under the background of carbon neutrality.Jinergy, a pioneer enterprise of commercializing HJT technology, was invited to attend and won the "Golden Leopard Award · Technology Leading Enterprise Award" and "Golden Leopard Award · Golden module Award" with its leading HJT technology ".Jinergy has won this honor for two consecutive years, and its innovation and promotion role in the field of HJT and its strong module intelligence and research and development strength have been recognized by the industry.

In this regard, Jinergy said that this is an affirmation of the company's insistence on efficient technology research and development and continuous promotion of industrial innovation.As a leader in PV intelligent manufacturing, the average mass production efficiency of M6 HJT cell in Jinergy has reached 24.3%. After being certified by the China Institute of Metrology, an authoritative third party testing organization, the maximum mass production efficiency of M6 HJT cell has reached 24.7%.

At present, HJT technology can significantly improve the cost-effective efficiency of modules has become an industry consensus, is expected to help the industry break through the current industrial bottleneck, and as a HJT technology leader, Jinergy by continuously increasing investment in research and development, continue to lead the industry progress.It is reported that compared with ordinary high-efficiency module, Jinergy HJT high-efficiency module are manufactured by low-temperature process, the process is more simplified, combined with MBB and half-cut technology, the cost reduction space is further improved.With the Jinergy's exploration of low-cost slurry gradually achieving results and full confidence in the cost control of HJT module, the high efficiency and cost-effective advantages of HJT module will become more prominent.

At present, Jinergy has a global sales footprint, providing high-efficiency and high-quality solar module to nearly 30 countries and has been widely recognized by international customers.In fact, as of last year, Jinergy has obtained 88 patent authorizations. At the same time, Jinergy has been approved to establish a series of professional research centers in conjunction with national research units and local functional institutions in Shanxi. In the future, it will continue to improve the technological innovation system based on "PV intelligent manufacturing" in Shanxi, so as to radiate the national photovoltaic industry, lead the industrial upgrading, and contribute to the world energy green revolution.