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Jinergy: The Common Goal of Carbon Neutral in 2060 Brings a Bright Future to the Photovoltaic Industry

From October 29 to 30, nearly 100 solar industry experts, scholars and business representatives gathered in Haining of Zhejiang Province to attend the 11th World Solar Congress (WSC) focusing on the quality and reliability of the ecosystem. Dr. Liyou Yang, General Manager of Jinergy, was invited to attend and participate in the discussion themed by “Trends and New Developments of Solar Cell Technology”.

Sponsored by the International Solar Energy Society and organized by the Haining Municipal People’s Government, this grand event gathered the core forces of global solar energy industry to analyze and forecast the global photovoltaic market and discuss the solar energy industry and technological development. As the wind vane of leading photovoltaic technology, Jinergy has always been exploring the way of technological innovation to facilitate the high-quality development of photovoltaic industry and adhering to the core strategy of technological iteration. It has been the leading enterprise in promoting HJT mass production. Jinergy has realized the pilot production as early as 2017. The average efficiency of Jinergy’s super high efficiency HJT mass production has now reached 23.95% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of this year.

It is worth mentioning that Jinergy’s HJT Phase II 100MW project has been successfully put into production. Jinergy’s latest HJT module adopts the M6 solar cell and, combined with MBB and half-cut technologies, its front side power output can reach 510W, and based on the bifaciality of 93%, its integrated power output can reach 570W.

At the congress, the experts generally believed that HJT cells would become one of the next-generation cell technologies with the most potential due to its advantages of high efficiency, no light degradation and short technological process. But its high cost would remain a pressing problem for the industry. Liyou Yang said, “In order to solve the HJT cost problem, Jinergy has carried out cost reduction from the aspects of conductive silver paste, ITO target materials and texturing additive and more.With the gradual decrease of HJT cell equipment cost, the localization of raw materials such as silver paste and target materials and the lamination of HJT cells, the mass production cost of HJT cells will be greatly reduced. In the future, Jinergy will join hands with industry colleagues to make continuous innovation and promote the reduction of levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of HJT.”

At the end of the congress, Liyou Yang said when referring the future development prospects of China’s photovoltaic industry, “After decades of development, China’s photovoltaic industry has made remarkable achievements. And at present, the common goal of carbon neutral in 2060 will bring a wave of new development opportunities and a bright future to the photovoltaic industry. Jinergy will also firmly grasp the opportunity, continue to cultivate photovoltaic manufacturing industry, strengthen technological innovation, and facilitate China and even the world’s green transformation.”